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Better grinding times, better blending features, better foaming action - Bar & Cafe Equipment just keeps getting better and better and better...
Staff Report

Elegance and Performance in a Swiss-made Grinder
Many companies claim to have grinders that offer coffee bar performance at an affordable price, but Baratza™ is one of the few that actually provides what it promises. The company has recently unveiled the Solis, a small, elegantly designed Swiss-made grinder that would spruce up any counter top.

And what’s inside is just as good as what’s outside: its conical burrs quietly yield a consistent grind, and its gear reduction design produces a slow rotation of the conical burrs, which in turn reduces heat during the grinding process, ensuring the retention of aroma and flavor. Ideal for the home or for light commercial use, the grinder features an 8-oz. bean container, a timer for exact coffee dosing, and a coffee container which holds enough ground coffee for either nine shots of espresso or a half gallon pot of coffee.

Baratza, 3923 120th Ave. S.E., Bellevue, Washington 98006. Tel: (1)(425) 641-1245, Fax: (1)(425) 747-8417.

Coffee Bella’s Automatic Milk Foamer: “Cappuccino Bella”
Coffee Bella has unveiled its “Cappuccino Bella,” a new generation of automatic milk foamer that doesn’t use steam to froth milk.

The new foamer, in only four to seven seconds, can create a compact, long-lasting foam which can be used for cappuccinos or a range of other milk-based specialty drinks. It can be operated manually or it can be programmed to produce a consistent portion of foam.

The portable 22 lb unit holds up to 1/2 gallon of milk, which it keeps at a consistent 164F. It is 7” wide and can sit next to any existing espresso machine or between the company’s two “Coffee Bella” One-touch Super Automatic Espresso Makers (also portable). It also features an automatic interval cleaning system.

Coffee Bella, 9911 Pico Blvd., Ste. 836, West Los Angeles, California 90035. Tel: (1)(310) 552-8299, Fax: (1)(310) 552-8273, E-mail: info@coffeebella.com.

Mahlkönig Grinds Out New Developments
MMahlkönig, the German manufacturer of professional coffee grinding equipment for industry and foodservice sectors, reports several developments in its product line. These include the release of the Guatemala Filter model - grinding and dosing for large brewing filter baskets; the Twin Espresso Grinder - fully automatic double grinder and doser for professional espresso bar machines; and the innovative and sleek new K501 Shop Grinder. The company also announces an important new design feature for its existing D27 industrial grinder.

The Guatemala Filter model offers a high grinding capacity of up to 750g per minute. Conceived to custom grind and dose coffee for large filter brewers, the Guatemala is touted for dust-free grinding and flexibility.

The Mahlkönig Twin Espresso Grinder comes with two separately enclosed bean hoppers, each with a 1.5 kg capacity linked to two independently controlled grinders. This allows for discrete operations for regular and decaffeinated coffees. The model is electronically controlled with variable programming functions. It grinds and doses an espresso portion in about 2 seconds. Grind degree is fully adjustable. The Twin Espresso Grinder can be set to produce either single or double doses. Operating texts are available in five languages.

Of particular note to the company is the newly released K501 Shop Grinder. This model is a completely new design with an elegant form and finish. The design features a unique round column shape, made entirely of aluminum and without sharp edges. K501 features a multi-purpose service lever that clamps the bag in place and simultaneously switches on the power. The lever system is said to guarantee static discharge and dust free operation. Motor and grinder are thermally separated, to give low temperature grinding. Simplicity has been the theme in the unit’s development and Mahlkonig reports that the K501 can be completely disassembled for cleaning in about one minute.

Mahlkonig also announces a new design feature for its long established best-seller for industrial users, the D27. The D27 line includes models that can grind from 230 to 280 kg/h of fine coffee; from 250 to 300 kg/h of medium coffee; and from 170 to 180 kg/h of Turkish coffee.

The innovation to the D27 relates to the ventilation system. With the advance, the unit grinds at a temperature 15’ lower than in the original line, further protecting product aroma and taste.

Mahlkönig, Germany: Tel: (49) 40 734-1040, Fax: (49) 40 734-10428. In the U.S., contact Mahlkönig Inc. at: Tel: (650) 697-8900, Fax: (650) 697-8815.

Acorto’s Affordable Super Automatic Espresso Machine
Acorto, Inc. has introduced the Acorto 1000i, a compact, completely self-contained super automatic espresso machine retailing for less than $10,000.

The Acorto 1000i offers a cost-effective solution to foodservice operators who want to serve a premium quality espresso beverage but do not require all of the features included on larger and more expensive models, says the company. In addition, this machine is easy for customers to use and requires no specialized staff training or special installation requirements.

The machine uses a standard 110v/20amp circuit and while it can be hard-plumbed, it also has a fresh water reservoir and drain container built into it, eliminating the need for additional plumbing. It has an on-board refrigerated milk compartment which holds off-the-shelf milk containers. Empty milk cartons can be quickly removed and replaced. And for ease of use, it also has a picture-based control panel.

Acorto Inc., 1287 120th Ave. N.E., Bellevue, Washington 98005. Tel: (1)(425) 453-2800, Fax: (1)(425) 453-2167, E-mail: info@acorto.com.

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