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CafePoços Winner in Annual Brazil Contest
The 9th Brazil Quality Coffee for Espresso Contest promoted by Italian roaster Illycafé hailed CafePoços (the Poços de Caldas Region Coffee Growers Cooperative) for producing some of the best Brazilian coffees. Four out of the seven coffees ranked at the top, including the US $30,000 prize winner, were produced by CafePoços members. The 9th Contest, which for the first time accepted pulped natural and washed coffees besides naturals, also showed that the pulped natural system pioneered by Brazil years ago is a major contribution to coffee quality; five out of the top ten ranked coffees, including the winner, are pulped naturals.

The century old farming tradition of CafePoços’ members have ensured full preservation of the environment. Natural forests adjoin coffee plantations and mountain springs are protected by native forest belts. CafePoços offers natural, pulped natural and washed coffees delivered according to the client’s requirements or blended into the coop’s own standards for its Antares, Orion, and Dulce labels. CafePoços premium coffees - both the soft and stronger body types - are strictly soft Arabicas. Sweetness may be also found in the CafePoços coffees with stronger body. Coffee Quality is one of the key concerns of CafePoços’ extension service that deploys agronomists to advise farmers on the best growing, harvesting and processing techniques. Quality control of the coffee supplied to the domestic and foreign markets is performed by expert cup tasters at CafePoços laboratory.

Sonoco Completes Purchase of Graphic Packaging
Sonoco, the global packaging company, has completed its purchase of the flexible packaging division of Graphic Packaging Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of ACX Technologies, Inc., according to Peter C. Browning, Sonoco’s president and c.e.o.

“This acquisition,” said Browning, “adds significant new and expanded North American capabilities in flexible packaging, a packaging sector that enjoys growth rates in excess of the GDP. We believe the flexible sector is particularly effective at leveraging Sonoco’s strengths in global account management, complements our composite can consumer customer base, and utilizes our composite can and high density film technologies and material science expertise.”

The acquisition will double Sonoco’s presence in the flexible packaging business. Sonoco is acquiring flexible manufacturing locations from Graphic in Vancouver, British Colombia; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Toronto, Ontario; Terrebonne, Quebec; Franklin, Ohio; and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Nestle Hands U.S. Coffee Brands to Sara Lee
Nestle SA sold its Hills Bros., MJB and Chase & Sanborn coffee brands as well as a coffee grinding plant to Sara Lee Corp. in December. Nestle will focus instead on building up sales of Nescafe, including a premium line introduced on the U.S. West Coast in September. As of December, the cost of purchase was not known.

Sara Lee has been storming through the U.S. coffee industry, buying Chock Full O’Nuts Corp. and Wechsler Coffee Corp in recent months. Nestle was the third strongest presence in the U.S. coffee-roasting market before the disposal, surpassed in sales only by Proctor & Gamble, in the number one position, and by Kraft Foods, in the number two spot. At the time of sale, Nestle’s U.S. coffee-roasting operation had been down about $30,000 in U.S. retail sales from the previous year.

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