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All Aboard Big Train’s Chocolate Chai
Big Train introduces a new member to their Chai family-Chocolate Chai. The new chai drink is a combination of Dutch Cocoa, black tea and exotic spices.

Big Train’s Chai now comes in five flavors: spiced, vanilla, raspberry, green tea and chocolate. Big Train says their new chai product’s excellent taste profile, impressive shelf life and ease of storage has made it a favorite among coffeehouse owners and customers alike.

Big Train Ltd., 30331 Esperanza, Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688. Tel: (949) 459-7700, Fax: (949) 459-7777, E-mail: david@bigtrain.com, Web site: www.bigtrain.com

Meet Syd & Jerry’s Coffee Roaster
Coffee Kinetics introduces Syd & Jerry’s Coffee Roaster, a commercial coffee roasting machine with a visible roasting process. It roasts green coffee beans right in front of customers of espresso carts, coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores, providing them with a visual experience at a very substantial reduction in cost. If one uses ten pounds of coffee a day, the company estimates, it is possible to save $50 a day when using the roaster. At that rate, states the company, the machine would pay for itself in about a month

The roaster is constructed as a commercial machine, and its intelligent control makes roasting automatic, once the desired degree of roast has been selected. The machine roasts 1 lb. of coffee in 9-14 minutes, constantly checking and adjusting the rate of the roast. It then turns off the heat and initiates a seven-minute cooling cycle.

Coffee Kinetics, 565 Pease Road, Burlington, Washington 98233. Tel: (360) 757-2800, Fax: (360) 757-8172, Web site: www.coffeekinetics.com

Reach Coffee Utopia with Starbucks
Starbucks Coffee Company recently introduced the Starbucks Barista Utopia Vacuum Coffee Brewing System. The machine’s translucent body allows the user to see the coffee as it is being made. This vacuum brewing process happens to be a lot of fun to watch, and we found that coffee made with the Barista Utopia tends to have an exceptionally clean, full-bodied flavor.

“We combined the convenience of an automatic drip coffeemaker, the simple elegance of a coffee press, and the quality performance of a vacuum brewing process,” explains Ken Mooney, Starbucks product manager, brewing. “Vacuum brewing is the best way to brew coffee, but until now, brewing coffee using a vacuum brewer has been inconvenient and messy. The Starbucks Barista Utopia simplifies the process while maintaining a rich, intense flavor profile.”

The machine works like this: the user places cold water in the coffee carafe, adds fresh ground coffee into the coffee basket, and then just hits one button-power. The water is heated in the coffee carafe, and as it heats up, the air in the carafe expands and pushes heated water up the coffee funnel, into the coffee basket to mix with the coffee. The water begins to saturate the coffee and heats up to 205° F. Then the coffee and water stir in the coffee basket. Afterwards, the system shuts off, and a vacuum is created in the carafe, returning the brewed coffee to the carafe, leaving the coffee funnel with only saturated coffee grounds.

The Barista Utopia is sold in Starbucks coffeehouses throughout North America, and can be bought on the web site or by telephone.

Starbucks Coffee Company, P.O. Box 34067, Seattle, Washington 98124. Tel : (206) 447-1575, Fax: (206) 447-0809, Web site: www.starbucks.com

Animo Introduces Millennium Coffee Machines
Animo introduces the Millennium range, a new line of coffee machines for glass and thermos jugs. These fast-brew machines are fitted with various extras which make them easy to use , states the company. Two eye-catching features are the jug detector and the “prewetting-brew” brewing process.

On of these features, the jug detector, keeps the brewer from boiling water when there is no jug under the filter. This feature makes overflowing and leaking filters a thing of the past.

Consumers have an option besides the standard brewing process, called the “prewetting brew process.” After 15 seconds (100mL water), the brewing process stops for a moment, as the coffee steeps in the filter, helping release the coffee flavor more effectively. After steeping fo 60 seconds. The brewing continues until the desired number of cups has been reached..

The coffee machines are available in semi-automatic and automatic versions. In addition there are also models with hot water tap for making tea.

Animo, Dr. A.F. Philipsweg 47, 9403 AD, P.O. Box 71, 9400 AB Assen, Holland. Tel: (31)(0) 592 376 376, Fax:(31)(0) 592 341751, E-mail: info@animo.nl, Web site: www.animo.nl

Country Choice Introduces Delicious Soy Cocoa
The blustery days of winter often make us crave the warm, sweet hot cocoa of our childhood. Now we can reminisce without the dairy or the fat of the traditional drink, while enjoying the goodness of soy. Country Choice Naturals’ has unveiled its line of Organic Soy Cocoa mixes, available in Royal Chocolate and Irish Chocolate Mint flavors. They are low-fat, non-dairy, cholesterol and lactose free, and contain no refined sweeteners, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They are also certified Kosher.

“The health benefits of soy are becoming better known,” says Dan Hazen, director of sales for Country Choice Naturals, “and these delicious cocoas will reach a market hungry for high-quality, certified organic soy products. They’re also a great alternative for those who are lactose-intolerant.”

The rich-tasting beverages will be available in one-ounce, single-serve pouches as well as 12-ounce canisters. They are available through natural food distributors.

Founded in 1995, Country Choice Naturals is focused on creating certified organic products that use ingredients which have been grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides. The company also offers a line of cookies and hot cereals.

Country Choice Naturals, Cabriole Center Suite 300, 9531 West 78th St Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344-8000. Tel: (952) 829-8824, Fax: (952) 833-2090, Web site: www.countrychoicenaturals.com

Tea & Coffee - January/February 2001


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