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Tea & Coffee World Cup - Amsterdam

The New Power of the Tea and Coffee Industries is Being Released: Will You Be There?

Before you step onto the exhibition floor of yet another convention, it is imperative you know that you will take something of value from it upon exiting. We can entice you by revealing that many new companies will be attending in search of new partnerships. We could lure you by mentioning that the latest quality producing, cost-savings products and equipment will be on display for your viewing convenience. We could stir your interest by informing you that top level industry executives will be on hand to share expertise.

But instead we will rely on the successes of our former shows to be the motivating factor for your company to be present at the 2001 Tea & Coffee World Cup. Each issue will be featuring the businesses who will be exhibiting in Amsterdam, with every month highlighting a different sector of the market. This month we feature the ever-so-chic and always inviting espresso. There is no denying it is the pride and joy of Italy, but it ranks just as high in the gourmet world. The selling strategies of cafes have long revolved around a quality espresso product. Meanwhile, restaurants are increasingly devoting interest to developing their coffee menus. This tiny king holds its reigning place among coffee products.

Pods continue in popularity, infiltrating machines around the world. Espresso interests different sectors of the coffee market. Some the topics covered will include various equipment used, distinct means of preparation and the proper cleaning involved and how it is cultivated from green to roast to quality a coffee product. How to create the perfect creme, including amount and layer of thickness, continues to be explored. The kind of beans used will be talked about, along with their respective acidity levels. You will find discussions on espresso and many other related topics on the tradeshow floor.

And you can feel free to ask your questions regarding espresso from exhibitors and attendees alike. If you’re looking for espresso machines, CMA, Crem, Espressionistic Works, Wega; WMF are just a few companies which will be attending to your needs. On display will be the latest machines featuring the many styles available-from the traditional stainless steel models to cutting-edge glass looks.

To service these machines with the highest quality parts will be companies including Ascaso Compenentes; Grimac, Nuova Ricambi, among others. Your staff may also browse the work of companies such as Ancap, which provide fine decorative porcelain to ensure the presentation of espresso and coffee drinks to your customers. You’ll also learn about the developing projects concerning the standardization of espresso through companies like and E.S.E. Consortium.

Be sure to visit the booths of espresso-related companies, 1, 2, 3 Spresso; Azkoyen; Brasilia; ILF; Isomac; La Marzocco; Punto Espresso; and Schaerer while you’re there. And look for the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal and Tea & Coffee Asia booth to learn about all the exciting business packages we’re putting together for the tea- and coffee-related industries.

Tea & Coffee - January/February 2001


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