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A Coffee Candle

JAVA, a coffee-scented candle, is the newest candle from the er’goSOLO Collection. The scents in the er’goSOLO candle collection use a new fragrance technique to capture the true essence of an item. The fragrance technique analyzes each element of that item to create a single identifying scent. For example, the lime fragrance pulls in not only the tangy, juicy fruit of the lime, but the subtleties of the peel, and even the tree and leaf. When one smells the JAVA candle, the technique provides an astonishingly accurate coffee fragrance. JAVA pulls in not only the scent of coffee beans, but the fragrant fresh grinds, and finally the brewed cup with cream and sugar.

Er’go candles allows the user to enjoy a tranquil moment with a candle that is made of all-natural, vegetable soy wax, a clean burning, petroleum soot-free wax that comes from an abundant and renewable source - soybeans.

Er’go Candle, 9200 Carpenter Freeway Dallas 75247, Tel (214) 905-9050, Fax: (214) 905-9075, E-mail: ergo@ergocandle.com, Web site: www.ergocandle.com

Caramellamania Mania

Caramellamania, the Italian designer and manufacturer of decorative coffee bean silos for store and bar, is now marketing a restyled leader in its line of models - the Applauso. Mounted on an aluminum wall bracket system so that it can be quickly and simply removed and remounted, the change makes Applauso user friendly while still maintaining the classic lines and elegant finishing that have been its signature.

Caramellamania, Via Papa Giovanni XXII, 4100, Modena, Italy. Tel: (39)(059) 292-0502, Fax: (39)(059) 359-762, E-mail: silos@tsc4.com, Web site: www.caramellamania.it.

New Treats from an Old Favorite

Walkers, the family owned and operated Scottish bakery that is world famous for its award winning shortbread, is introducing the most extensive range of new products in the company’s 105-year-old history, all are the perfect complement to your customer’s tea or coffee beverage. All of the introductions have Walkers distinctive look and fresh-from-the-oven taste. They include:

• Walkers Oatcakes (crackers) are high in cholesterol fighting fiber and their soft texture makes them a delicious blend for cheeses and other toppings.

• Luxury Fruit Mince Tarts that are made with the finest dried fruits. These traditional light and delicate pastries envelop a rich filling combining the apples, currants, sultanas and candied citrus peel with seasonal spices.

• Walkers light-as-air Meringue Nests and Shells are offered in new packaging. Each 4.4 oz carton shows off the sparkling white meringues with serving suggestions. Fat free and topped with fruit they make any dessert into a gourmet confection.

• Festive Shapes Shortbread: Pure butter shortbread cookies formed as stars, bells, Christmas trees and smiling Santa faces

The Walkers family business, founded in 1898, is a leading brand of food exported from Scotland and offers the widest range of shortbread, traditional cookies, cakes, oatcakes and meringues to over 60 countries internationally. The family continues to operate four retail bakery shops in the local villages to stay in touch with their roots. Walkers all-natural products can be found in fine food stores across the country and contain no artificial flavorings, colorings or additives and are certified Kosher OUD.

Walkers Shortbread Ltd. UK and outside U.S.: Aberlour on Spey, Scotland, AB38 9PD. Tel: (44) (1340) 871555, Fax: (44)(1340) 871355, E-mail: enquiries@walkers-shortbread.co.uk. Within U.S: 170 Commerce Drive, Hauppauge, New York, NY 11788. Tel: (1)(631) 273-0011, Fax: (1)(631) 273-0438, E-mail: cs@walkersshortbread.com, Web site: www.walkersshortbread.com.

Tea & Coffee - January/February, 2004


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