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Kason Cuts Costs with Fluid Bed

A new double-deck, circular vibratory fluid bed processor from Kason Corporation significantly reduces capital cost, energy usage and floor space per pound of product being dried or cooled according to Lawrence Stone, c.e.o.

“The addition of an upper deck makes use of heated or cooled air that would otherwise be exhausted after passing through the lower deck, and requires little to no increase in the size or energy consumption of imbalanced-weight motors or blower fans, nearly doubling capacity and efficiency with little to no increase in operating cost or floor space,” says Stone.

Unlike rectangular fluid bed processors that require heavy-gauge construction to withstand constant vibration, circular fluid bed processors are inherently rigid, allowing materials of construction to be down-gauged and vibratory motors to be downsized. Associated components are also eliminated, such as multiple air inlets and outlets and their associated ductingæ the circular unit requiring only one of each.

Other bulk processing equipment manufactured by the company includes circular vibratory screeners, centrifugal screeners, bag dump screeners, static sieves, agglomerators and powder coaters.

Kason Corporation, 67-71 East Willow St., Millburn, NJ 07041. Tel: (1)(973) 467-8140, Fax: (1)(973) 258-9533, E-mail: info@kason.com, Website: www.kason.com.

Lilla’s Opus 3rd Generation

Lilla is now introducing worldwide the Opus 3rd Generation, with capacity to process up to 2.700 kg/h of green coffee. The new equipment has several features that make roasting operation safer and far more consistent. The 3rd Generation Profile Roasting technology includes both modulation and control systems and the new Opus is virtually self-adjustable.

The Opus 3rd Generation’s advanced features allows you to control and program all the parameters that act on the roasting procedure, as temperature, hot air flow, roasting chamber’s pressure and rotation. This control system provides high flexibility, consistency and versatility, once each roasting cycle is repeated exactly as programmed. With the new Lilla roaster, it is possible to obtain several varieties of final products using the same equipment. It also has central lubrication system, cold start-up with self-checking control (monitoring all moving parts) and a safety control system in accordance to the strictest international standards.

Cia. Lilla de Máquinas Ind. e Com, Rua Constâncio Colalillo,477. Guarulhos, SP 07024-150 Brazil. Tel.: 55 11 6422 7366, Fax: 55 11 64224747, E-mail: ExportManager@lilla.com.br.

Brew Express - for Quick Coffee

The new Brew Express by Lance-Larkin not only brews at a rare optimum temperature that ensures better flavor, but the company also says it is the first built-in-the-wall coffee maker that’s fully plumbed.

Brew Express is available in a patented 12-cup design appropriate for installation in homes, offices, motor homes, yachts and more, and soon will be available in a four-cup design perfect for hotel rooms. Brew Express saves counter space in new construction or existing structures by installing into the stud wall and drawing water from a direct supply or bottled-water source. An experienced handyman or qualified contractor can usually install within one hour.

Versatile for any hot water need - including tea, hot cocoa and oatmeal - coffee brews directly into a stainless steel carafe that maintains temperature for hours without burning or using additional power (no warmer plate), and is suitable for any home or office, countertop or table surface.

Lance-Larkin, 3551 NW Yeon Avenue, Portland, OR 97210. Tel: (1)(503) 220-0799, E-mail: apilger@lancelarkin.com, Website: www.brewexpress.com.

Nalbach Launches New Auger Filler

Expanding on its product solutions for dispensing powders, granulars, and flakes, Nalbach Engineering Company is releasing an auger filling system, the “S” series, designed specifically for manual, batch filling, applications. The “S” series is designed for low volume, batch applications and applications in which the density of the product varies significantly. The system incorporates a scale to provide actual weight feedback to the filler and uses two fills per container. The first fill dispenses 90 - 95% (user programmable) of the target weight and the second “top-off” fill is based on the actual calculated product density of the first fill. This system monitors the product density on each and every fill providing superior fill accuracies to 1/10th of one percent.

Unlike “bulk and dribble” systems in which the first “bulk” fill is followed by slow series of “dribble” fills until the target weight is met, the Nalbach system’s “top off” fill is a single fast fill. The filler’s control panel performs all set-up and operation of the entire system. This “HMI” panel is an intuitive, icon-based, graphical user interface with touch screen and comes standard with all Nalbach Servo Driven Auger Fillers.

Nalbach Engineering Company, Inc., 621 East Plainfield Road, Countryside, IL 60525. Tel: (1)(708) 579-9100, Fax: (1)(708) 579-0122, E-mail: eatwell@nalbach.com, Website: www.nalbach.com.

Tea & Coffee - January/February, 2005

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