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Updated La San Marco model from Michaelo

Michaelo Espresso, Inc. has introduced a new La San Marco espresso machine. This model increases brew capacity by devoting a dedicated hot-water reservoir to each brewing group while freeing up the boiler for uninterrupted steaming. A dedicated heat exchanger for each group improves temperature control, keeping water for brewing at the optimal temperature while allowing hotter water for steaming to be produced in a separate boiler.

The La San Marco provides a cold-water system to produce consistent, clean and accurate shots. Nickel plated boilers are the most desirable type of construction because, unlike stainless steel, they contract and expand well with heat and pressure in the machine, eliminating the potential for fitting failure.

The new machine also features the heaviest and thickest group head diffuser made for espresso machines.

Michaelo Espresso, Inc. 3801 Stone Way N. Seattle, WA 98103 Tel: (1)(206) 695-4950 Web: www.michaelo.com.

Solo Expands Hot Cup Portfolio

Solo’s hot cup portfolio now includes a wider range of quality products to meet the needs of a hot beverage menu. The new lineup offers more material options, attractive stock designs, and quality lid selections, including the popular Traveler and Traveler Plus lids.

With its high quality paper cups and thin-wall foam Trophy cups, Solo’s hot cup portfolio features 4 to 24-ounce cup and one lid to fit multiple cup sizes to help streamline inventory and provide greater storage capacity.

Solo Cup Company 1700 Old Deerfield Road Highland Park, IL 60035, U.S. Tel: (1) (847) 831-4800 Fax: (312) 263-6047 Web: www.solocup.com.

Concordia Introduces Turnkey Self-Serve Espresso Bar

Concordia Coffee Systems has announced the Concordia Self-Serve Espresso Bar, the first turnkey kiosk that provides a genuine cafe experience.

The contemporary kiosk with cherry cabinetry features Concordia’s Acorto Model 2500i automatic espresso machine, which produces lattes and cappuccinos at the touch of a button - no barista needed. Users make their beverage selection and the machine does the rest - it automatically grinds whole coffee beans and steams and froths fresh milk for a superior espresso drink. An optional vending system is available to handle stored value payment, debit/credit cards and cash.

Fully self-contained, the espresso bar fits through a standard doorway and is fast and easy to set up - simply connect to power, water, and a drain line. It includes customer-branded signage and menu board, refrigeration unit, water treatment system, cup dispensers, waste bin and under-counter supply storage area.

Concordia Coffee Systems 1287 120th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98005. Tel: (1)(425) 453-2800 Web: www.concordiacoffee.com.

Private-Label, after-coffee breath mints

Kick Prints offers all cafes - from multi-store chains to single locations - the opportunity to sell breath mints imprinted with the café’s own logo. As most coffee lovers know, nothing follows a hot cup of dark roast coffee better than an intense peppermint breath mint. Coffee drinkers have long struggled with ways to counter the effects of “coffee breath,” long after the last bit of coffee has been sipped.

For as low as $1.15 per unit, Kick Prints will imprint a tin of mints with the café’s logo. The process at Kick Prints allows cafes to do so with no minimum order size. The tins are hinged and printed in full color and are filled with intense, sugar-free peppermints.

Kick Prints 4675 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 240, Santa Clara, CA 95051. Tel: (1)(408) 260-0900 Fax: (1)(267) 347-8874. Web: www.kickprints.com.

Tea & Coffee - January/February, 2006

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