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The world of tea & coffee is expanding into many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Barista, the Game - Brew the Perfect Cup!

Discovery Bay Games recently launched a new game about one of the nation’s trendiest beverages - coffee! Barista, the Game, involves the world of lattes and cappuccinos, where the object of the game is to be the first barista to “brew the perfect coffee drink.” According to the game’s rules, the first player to match the beverage shown on the roll of four dice with cards in your hand will earn the most tips and become the “ultimate barista.”

The object of the game is to match a coffee drink order. The coffee drink order is determined by rolling a set of four dice at the start of every round. Each player is a Barista competing to finish the drink order before anyone else. Players win tips by completing the drink order and by other twists and turns during the game. The Barista with the most tips at the end of the game wins. Each die represents part of the drink order including number of shots (single, double, triple), size (short, tall, grande), type of milk (soy, latte, breve) and type of drink (latte, mocha, cappuccino). The perfect cup could be a double tall nonfat latte one round and a triple grande soy mocha the next. Competing baristas can play action cards to change part of the drink order or make you “spill” your drink, causing you to start over from scratch. Other cards in the deck will help you earn tips (“You have just been selected Barista of the Month!”) or cause you to lose tips (“Your store has just been sued for serving coffee too hot.”)

Discovery Bay Games, 211 Taylor Street, Suite 401A, Port Townsend Washington 98368, Tel: +1(360) 385-2498, Fax: +1(360) 385-2833, E-mail: sales@discoverybaygames.com, Web: www.discoverybaygames.com.

Café Life New York: An Insider’s Guide to the City’s Neighborhood Cafés

Café Life New York: An Insider’s Guide to the City’s Neighborhood Café by Sandy Miller, photography by Juliana Spear supplies an essential guide to the cafes of New York City. This new book showcases the neighborhood hangouts that even street-smart New Yorkers often miss.

Organized according to neighborhood, Café Life New York, the newest addition to Interlink’s popular Café Life series, features those cafés that anchor neighborhoods and make life in the city richer. The highly personal and richly anecdotal text, supplemented with color photographs that beautifully evoke both the city and its cafés, which portrays the magic and allure of New York’s café culture from the perspective of both café owners and patrons. The book takes the reader on a tour of New York’s neighborhoods through its cafés; learn about New York’s cafés through its neighborhoods. Each reflects and reveals the other.

Sandy Miller is a writer and former children’s book publisher. He resides in, and remains enthralled by, New York City. Juliana Spear is a New York-born-and-raised art director and freelance photographer now living in Massachusetts. Her work has been featured in Café Life Paris, Romantic Paris and Steeped: In the World of Tea.

Interlink Publishing, 46 Crosby Street, Northhampton, Massachusetts 01060-1804, E-mail: info@interlinkbooks.com, Tel: +1 (800) 238-5465.

Tea - Infused Chocolate Bars

The Tea Room’s recently launched tea-infused, organic 1.8-oz (51g) bars ranging in cacao content from 30% up to 72%.

All of their tea-infused treats are carefully crafted to incorporate the perfect balance of tea and chocolate. A natural pairing for your palate’s pleasure, their tea and chocolate blends remain true to the traditional chocolate experience, utilizing the tea-infusion techniques only in aspiration of elevating the chocolate’s taste as well as enhancing its embedded health properties.

The company offers five selections including White Chocolate Bar with Chamomile Tea & Honey, Milk Chocolate Bar Infused with Bedouin’s Fear Tea, Milk Chocolate Bar Infused with Honeybush Caramel Tea, 58% Dark Chocolate Bar Infused with Green Earl Grey and a 72% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar with Green Mate, Star Anis & Nibs. The bars are also certified organic by www.Organic Certifiers.com.

The Tea Room, 110c Mezzetta Court, American Canyon, Napa County, California 94503-9607, Tel: +1 (707) 561-7080, Fax: +1 (707) 561-7081, E-mail: info@rimann.com, Web: www.thetearoom.biz.

Steepware by TeaSpot Revolutionizes Teatime

The TeaSpot, a company that specializes in a fusion of tea, technology and organic loose leaf tea recently launched innovative Steepware. Steepware by TeaSpot is a new category of houseware, dedicated exclusively to steeping high-quality loose leaf tea. The world’s first automatic teapot will join the existing line of Steeping Cups and Steeping Mugs, turning tea novices into tea connoisseurs in no time.

The TeaSpot’s Steepware turns the process of brewing any loose leaf tea into a simple experience by combining the beauty of ancient tea traditions with modern design and innovation. The Steepware line currently includes the Automatic Teapot, Steeping Mug, and Steeping Cup. The Steepware Automatic Teapot (MSRP $69.95), the world’s first automatic teapot, dramatically reduces the time needed to prepare the perfect pot of tea. With its integrated timer, the Automatic Teapot ensures a pristine pot of tea by removing the tea leaves from water when they are steeped to perfection. The timer can be set for a particular tea type (green, black, herbal) or for a specific steeping time, and yields 20oz. (two to three servings) of tea. Unlike other automated systems in the marketplace that require specially packaged tea or cartridges, the Steepware Automatic Teapot works with to three servings) of tea. Unlike other automated systems in the marketplace that require specially packaged tea or cartridges, the Steepware Automatic Teapot works with any type of tea – loose or bagged.

The Tea Spot, 6880 Winchester Circle, Suite East Boulder, Colorado 80301, Tel: +1 (303) 444 8324, Web: www.the-teaspot.com.

The Green Tea Book - The Science-Baked “Miracle Cure”

The Green Tea Book, Second Edition written by Lester A. Mitscher, PHD, and Victoria Dolby Toews, MPH, discusses how green tea works and how you can use it to benefit your health by consuming three to five cups per day. The Second Edition of a long-trusted resource also features an expanded buying guide that includes helpful comparisons of loose teas vs. tea bags, a comprehensive list of different tea varieties, and a discussion of the effects of L-theanine and caffeine on the brain. The book also guides readers to specific teas with the highest rates of polyphenols and offers suggestions on choosing teas that are not only benefitical to health but are delicious as well.

Published by Avery/ Penguin Group (USA) the book also discusses how green tea can protect against cancer and heart disease, slow the aging process, lower the risk of stroke, fight cavities, boost digestion, and aid in digestion among other aspects.

Penguin Group, Anne Kosmoski, Tel: +1 (212) 366-2110, E-mail: anne.kosmoski@us.penguingroup.com, Web: us.penguingroup.com.

Planning Coffee Dates Just Got Easier

Sheila Hollinworth who has been drawing cartoons for more than 20 years recently launched 2008 Coffee Cartoon Calendars. The calendars are compact, black and white CD-sized desk calendar that has a different coffee cartoon and humorous saying for each month of the year. The cartoons are fun and quirky and will amuse coffee lovers that feature an amusing angle into the world of coffee. The calendar supplies a different cartoon and amusing coffee-related quote for each month.The desk calendars are available through her website.

Cartoons by Sheila, P. O. Box 13096, Law Court Post Office, Melbourne VIC, 8010. Tel Fax: +03 5348 2494, E-mail: info@cartoonsbysheila.com, Web: www.cartoonsbysheila.com.

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