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Coffee Coin
Coffee Coins are sold in lieu of paper gift certificates and are designed to bring new customers into a café by utilizing the natural network of current customers. These aesthetically pleasing hand-crafted ceramic gift coins have an old-fashioned coffee grinder engraved on the front. The back of this reusable glazed coin is custom printed in color with café’s logo. Popular coins include the $5 Gift Coin and the “Oops! Coin” to satisfy unhappy customers. Original Tea Time Coin with an engraved teapot design coming Spring 2002.

New Venture Group, LLC, 9660 Corn Tassel Court, Columbia, MD 21046, Tel: (410) 303-8200, Fax: (301) 362-4132, E-mail: newventuresales@aol.com, Web site: www.coffeecoin.com.

Alice on a Teapot?
Cardew Design has debuted two collections based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

Paul Cardew, founder of Cardew Design, created two collections of Alice in Wonderland-inspired designs that mix fantasy and reality. “Our Alice in Wonderland collections appeal to a wide range of consumers, “Williamson, president and ceo of Cardew Design North America, says.

The teapots are available in small, medium and large sizes. Each blends the ornamental with the functional.

Cardew Design North America, Inc., 17 Turntable Junction, Flemington, NJ 08822, Fax: 1-906-696-1482, E-mail: cardewdesign@aol.com, Web site: www.cardewdesign.com.

Urnex® Brand Announces Rinza‘ Liquid Milk Frother Cleaner: New Packaging
Royal Enterprises, Inc. announces the packaging relaunch of its successful Urnex“ Milk Frother/Steam Wand Cleaner as “RINZA‘ Milk Frother Cleaner.” The RINZA‘ Brand name is designed to compliment the recent package restage of the company’s NSF certified CAFIZA‘ Espresso Machine Powder and Tablets. The brand identities build on the cleaning power of each formula and the importance of equipment care.

RINZA‘ Milk Frother Cleaner is designed to break down milk protein build-up that can accumulate on automatic frothers and traditional steam wands. In use, the liquid concentrate is diluted with water to create a solution that will eliminate milk residue that can clog or break frothing equipment. RINZA‘ Milk Frother Cleaner is available in 32 oz. containers with a built in measuring device. All packaging has usage directions for both auto-frothers and traditional steam wands.

Royal Enterprises has been manufacturing coffee and espresso machine cleaning products under the Urnex“ Brand for over 60 years. This Rinza‘ Brand restage is the latest in a string of packaging and performance enhancements that have been made to the entire Urnex“ Brand coffee & espresso equipment cleaning product portfolio.

For samples or distributor information, call: 800-222-2826 or visit Royal’s internet site: www.urnex.com. Contact Josh Dick at Royal Enterprises for additional information.

Tea & Coffee - February/March 2002
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