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Dethlefsen & Balk Unites Tea With Coffee

Dethlefsen & Balk, a company with more than 160 years of tradition and expertise currently offers an annual catalog of more than 300 tea specialties, with special focus on flavored teas where new ideas are constantly created. The selection of more than 800 products in the accessories segment combine tradition and modern trends.

The existing fondness for coffee lead to the idea to offer coffee specialties as a product with a cult following rather than an everyday commodity. Dethlefsen & Balk used their tea specialist dealers’ high level of expertise and gained the interest of the sensitive customer segment of tea consumers with an extremely high customer retention potential also in the diversification of coffee products.

What came out of all of this is the product catalog Café Cult, which contains a comprehensive, very high-quality range of 15 fine varieties of roasted coffee beans and cutting-edge accessories. This catalog includes for the first time ever an exclusive full range of coffees of premium quality, thus offering retailers an easy entry into this product segment, since the world of coffee shops often overshadows the hardware segment. Apart from the coffee varieties and muffins, for example, only rarely a selection of nice coffee mugs of china or ceramics is offered.

The beans coming from D & B are all rare top qualities from plantations in all traditional growing areas - plantations which have been producing high quality coffee for generations, year after year. The coffee beans are always put through a mild, aroma-improving prolonged roasting process in order to achieve a unique quality. Dethlefsen & Balk offers the coffee in 250 gm bags and 5 kg bags. The bags are sealed and equipped with a gas valve which ensures its unique aroma stays isn’t lost. This way, the sometimes feared “aroma conflict“ between coffee and tea is avoided.

This means that the traditional frontiers between the product segments tea and coffee, which are particularly popular in Germany, are being dissolved - in the tea shops as well as in the coffee shops. The two products are being united by recognizing what they have in common: the world you can experience with coffee offers a complement to the already existing tea ambience.

New Gaviña Roasting Plant

When the new coffee roasters fire up at F. Gaviña & Sons this Fall, it marks the realization of a family dream. From the moment the founder, Don Francisco Gaviña, came to this country, he had a dream of one day owning a state-of-the-art roasting facility.

This new 240,000 square feet roasting plant is located in Vernon, CA, near downtown Los Angeles, a few blocks away from their old buildings. “Since 1967, we’ve been at three different locations, not including this new one,” says Leonor Gaviña-Valls, Don Francisco’s daughter. “We were spread over eight different buildings and now we’re finally incorporating everything into one plant.”

The plant is set up like a production flow-chart. Green coffee comes in through the back when it’s delivered, then moves to the roasters and on to the packaging equipment. Once the product is complete it goes to the warehouse and docks where it’s shipped to customers throughout the U.S.

The cupping room is glass-enclosed so that when you enter the lobby you can view the lab and see what’s going on. “When we’re totally operational, we’ll have six roasters and the capacity to roast over 20,000 pounds of green coffee an hour,” says Pedro Gaviña, president.

Coffee Fest’s First Latte Art Competition Held in Seattle

At Coffee Fest Seattle in November, the winner of Coffee Fest’s first ever Faema Free-Pour Latte Art Competition, presented by Atomic Distributing and Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, took home an $1000 top prize, after impressing a large and enthusiastic audience of fellow baristas, and other members of the coffee industry.

After preliminary rounds on Friday and Saturday the stage was set for the final showdown on Sunday. Three competitors stood a cup above the rest. Keiko Urabayshi of D & M Coffee in Ellensburg, WA, who competed in full Ellensburg Rodeo regalia, came in third place. Chen Chin-Pei from Creation Food Co. Taiwan, in the R.O.C, came in second. Her double heart design got her to Sunday’s finals and her tulip pour on Sunday clearly raised the bar. But it was Zlatin (Zack) Lakic from Caffe Artigiano in Vancouver B.C, who took home the top prize. Zack did the entire process blindfolded - from dosing the coffee to pouring the latte.

The next Latte Art Competition will be staged in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Coffee Fest, February 28 - March 2, 2003. Competitor applications are being accepted now and interested participants can learn more by Contacting Coffee Fest at (800) 232-0083 ext 13.

Tea & Coffee - February/March, 2003
Tea & Coffee's Business Classifieds!


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