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Diet Steaz

Coming to the rescue of health conscious dieting consumers worldwide, the Healthy Beverage Company introduces a certified organic diet drink that contains the added health benefits of green tea in the form of an all natural, low calorie dietary supplement. Diet Steaz Sparkling Green Tea combines the low calorie and low-carb lifestyle trends with a healthy 21st century twist, to fulfill the needs of today’s health conscious dieter.

Micro-brewed from organic Ceylon green tea, Diet Steaz is certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI) and fortified with vitamins A, C and the Hawaiian stevia plant. It is lightly sweetened with only 5 grams per serving of organic cane sugar. Flavors include Black Cherry, LemonLime and Cola.

The Healthy Beverage Company, MB#356, 2865 South Eagle Rd., Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940. Tel: (1)(215) 321-8330, Fax: (1)(215) 321-8335. E-mail: info@healthybeverage.com, Web site: www.healthybeverage.com

Republic of Tea Oil

New to the West, but a mainstay in Asian cooking for generations, Imperial Republic Tea Oil provides a light and healthy new option to creating you favorite dishes.

The Republic of Tea, a packer of exquisite teas and herbal blends, brings tea from the cup to the plate with an innovative cooking oil that is totally unique to the American market. Cold-pressed, extra-virgin gourmet tea oil can be used as a base for marinades, salad dressing, sauteeing, grilling and more.

Imperial Republic Tea Oil is rich in vitamin A, D and E and antioxidants, high in monosaturated and polyunsaturated (good) fat and low in saturated (bad) fat, and has less saturated fat than olive oil.

The Republic of Tea, 8 Digital Drive, Suite 100, Novato, California, 94949. Tel: (1)(618) 478-5520, Fax: (1)(618) 478-2116, E-mail: info@republicoftea.com, Web site: www.republicoftea.com.

Bring the Teahouse Home

Celestial Seasonings has brewed up an innovative line of creamy, tea-based natural beverages - Teahouse Lattes and Chais. These easy-to-prepare specialty tea mixes offer consumers a delicious treat, fat free with less calories, and made of all-natural, quality ingredients. Teahouse Lattes and Chais are made with fine imported black tea and other natural ingredients. Tea Lattes come in Golden Vanilla Hazelnut, French Vanilla Velvet Decaf and Crème Caramel Dream flavors. Chais come in Cinnamon Spice, Vanilla Ginger Spice Decaf, and Sweet Coconut Thai flavors.

Celestial Seasonings, 4600 Sleepytime Drive, Boulder, CO 80301. Tel: (1)(303) 530.5300, Fax: (1)(303) 581.1520, E-mail: consumeraffairs@hain-celestial.com, Web site: www.celestialseasonings.com.

A Tea Calendar

After the success of its 2003 version, Every Day With Tea, a boxed, page-per-day tea calendar has unveiled its 2004 version with a new improved stand. Every Day with Tea is a well-researched, page-per-day calendar with 365 days of interesting facts, useful tips, easy recipes, humor, and entertaining quotes on tea and tea accoutrements. This informative calendar makes a perfect gift for tea lovers, so they can start their day with a bright and informative message about tea.

Author Sue Cummings speaks on the subject of tea and is a member of the Tea Association of the U.S.A, and a diplomat of the American Tea Society. She is a graduate of the TEA school and is dedicated to educating and informing people of the many beneficial properties of tea.

Tea Memories, P.O. Box 10232, Alexandria, Virginia 22310. Tel: (1)(703) 922-7211, Fax: (1)(703) 922-7211, Web site: www.teamemories.com.

Tea & Coffee - February/March, 2004

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