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The tea and coffee industries are evolving...a new generation has been on the horizon for some time now searching, probing and coveting every bit of information available to implementing and operating a successful tea and coffee business.

Exhibitions and trade shows such as Tea & Coffee World Cup, Coffee Fest, and World Tea Expo offer many educational venues as do the coffee and tea associations (NCA, SCAA, SCAE, EAFCA, U.S. Tea). Small coffee roasters are regionally banding to hold roasting workshops. Roasting equipment manufacturers are increasing the number of workshops they hold for this segment and schools and learning organizations are popping up around the world. And itís not just limited to roasting; itís also the tea industry and the barista trade. There are more Guilds for both baristas and roasters that are now vibrant and growing within sectors of the SCAA. The Roasterís Retreat is always booked to capacity with hundreds of eager roasters willing to learn and share experiences from the field. Regional roasters are also holding their own educational events.

The Specialty Tea Institute (STI) provides at least four educational seminars offering tea knowledge certification. Tea, A Magazine, runs a two-day tea school and they are encouraged to hold additional classes. Looking through other tea magazines and newsletters, tea events aimed at educating both consumer and the industry are routinely offered. Even several tea packers hold tea tastings and seminars to educate and entertain consumers.

The NCAís annual convention has evolved into not only an annual convention but also a Fall Conference as attendance grows every year with both events.

Roasters are telling us of their involvement within the industry as they participate in Association events and hold offices in an effort to understand the trends and direction of this continually developing industry.

We are extremely fortunate within the tea and coffee industries. I have personally seen the effort of thousands of trade individuals enthusiastic and happy to meet, exchange ideas and educate each other on every aspect of this ever-expanding trade.

In order for us to continue to grow, we need each other Ė from the wise old sages who have been in this industry for 50 and 25 years, and the new comers of 10 and 5 years. We are in an industry where people remain for decades. Letís take advantage of that and work together for years to come!

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - February, 2007

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