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New Milk Chiller

Frieling recently launched a customized logo display for their new Milk Chiller line. This machine is the first appliance to offer the convenience of cooling and serving dairy products in a compact unit with portion control, according to the company. The Chiller holds a half-gallon dairy carton or plastic carton that can keep the temperature complaint with industry standards, which eliminates the need for constant temperature monitoring.

The Chiller is ready-to-use following seconds of set-up, which dispenses after pressing a button located on the front panel. The chillerís advanced electric air pump eliminates repetitive manual pumping, as there is no contact between the unit and the milk, so contamination is virtually impossible, according to the company.

The machine also features an easy-to-read LCD display window that identifies 8 different types of milk products inside along with options to choose from 5 different languages. The digital display can also show the exact temperature of the milk for food safety monitoring in celsius and fahrenheit. The machine also features an additional safety feature that will not dispense the product if an unsafe temperature has been reached for any reason.

The machine features a stylish contemporary design in black or brushed stainless steel that weights approximately 6 lbs. that offers several dairy options or to accommodate large volume, multiple units, which can be connected to one another, side by side.

Frieling USA, Inc., The Frieling Building, 1920 Center Park Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217-2901, Tel: +1 (704) 329-5100, Fax: +1 (704) 329-5151, E-mail: Mail@Frieling.com, Web: www.frieling.com.

New Post-Consumer Fiber Paper Cup

Solo Cup Company, manufacturer of disposable foodservice products for the consumer/retail, foodservice, packaging and international markets has recently co-developed a Post-Consumer Fiber Paper Cup with Starbucks. The Post-Consumer Fiber Paper Cup is manufactured with recycled paper and helps support Starbucks corporate social responsibility mission to serve products in an environmentally sustainable choice of packaging. 10% of the paperboard used in the cup is post-consumer fiber, and it is the first recycled paper cup to be approved by the FDA. Solo also co-developed with the Chantico Cup and matching lid with Starbucks that provides a decadent, indulgent experience that mirrors the image of the Chantico drinking chocolate, according to the company. The cup is touted as being upscale in design and features an embossed pattern on the overwrap that provided a unique appearance and hand-hold function.

Solo Cup Company, Web: www.solocup.com.

Ambassador Pod Machine

Mepaco, global provider of mixing, stuffing, dumping, conveying technologies and equipment manufacturing has recently launched the Ambassador POD machine that is an addition to the latest development in the Ambassador line. This espresso machine is operated with podís that produces a pressure of 11 bars, has an automatic waste pod ejecting system and a cold-water reservoir that can be taken out.

Mepaco, A Division of Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation, 200 Industrial Drive, Beaver Dam, WI 53916, Tel: +1 (920) 356-9900, Fax +1 (920) 887-0206, E-mail: info@mepaco.net, Web: www.mepaco.net.

Tea & Coffee - February, 2007

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