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Spotlight Feature: Coffee
18 Thinking Outside the Box, and Inside the Bottle
By Alexis Rubinstein

24 The Soluble Coffee Enigma
By Dr. Terry Mabbett

28 A Brief Tour of Coffee’s Chemical Composition
By Joseph Rivera

34 Caffe Vergnano: A Middle-Weight Contender with Style & Glamour
By Jonathan Bell

38 The Future of Flavors
By Alexis Rubinstein

42 Cooxupé Inaugurates New Coffee Laboratory
By Harry C. Jones

44 Ramacafe 2008: Where the Coffee Spirit Lives On
By Maja Wallengren

Spotlight Feature: Tea
48 The World of Tea Consultants
By Wendy Komancheck

53 Ultrasonic: Cutting Time & Labor in the Beverage Industry
By Bruce Boyers

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