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The world of tea & coffee is expanding into many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Avirnaki - Smoke Free Shop Roasting

Coffee Tech Engineering Ltd. introduces Avirnaki (Clean Air in Hebrew), smoke elimination system for in-store coffee roasting. The system solves known venting and odor issues while roasting in a closed space. The system allows coffee roasters avoiding the hassle involved with setting ducts and venting arrangements, and makes shop roasting simple, safe and affordable.

Avirnaki is an environmentally friendly smoke trapping system which absorbs the smoke into detachable, cleanable trapping fields. Avirnaki is an electrical devise and excels in its low energy consumption and simple maintenance. The system also reduces exhausted gas temperature and eliminates the need to set appropriate, costly venting arrangements, which need to be periodically maintained and cleaned. A poorly maintained duct is considered to be a major fire hazard and badly affects the overall roaster’s performance. System’s maintenance is done using tap water and green cleaning solvents and is completely at end user’s level.

Avirnaki is suitable for roasting in retail stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and other venues where fresh coffee is desired. The system may fit to any shop roaster as well as with any of Coffee Tech Engineering’s advanced shop roasters - the Torrefattore 1 kg and the fully automated Solar 2kg.

Coffee Tech Engineering, Ltd. Moshav Mazliach, 76836 Israel. Tel: +972 8 9254872, Fax: +972 8 9283494, Web: www.coffee-tech.com.

The Italian Caffeine-Free Alternative

Going back as far as the Roman Empire, Italians have enjoyed barley coffee. In the past decade, as health consciousness has come to Italy, caffee d’orzo (literally, barley coffee) has grown in popularity and is now becoming something of a fashion statement.

Two Leaves and a Bud introduced Café Orzo to the U.S. coffee shops, cafes and restaurants in October. Café Orzo brews just like coffee and pulls shots like espresso. The Café Orzo flavored late will most likely be the most popular way this coffee is ordered. Its flavor profile is similar with earthy and nutty tones and a slight natural sweetness from the occurring sugars in the barley. Americans know “orzo” as a type of pasta, but orzo actually means barely.

Café Orzo requires no additional equipment to brew. It can be brewed in espresso machines, s drop coffee or even made in a French Press. In addition, this non-processed product is 100% organic and produced from small farms in Italy.

Café Orzo, 23400 Two Rivers Road, Suite 45, Basalt, Colorado 81621. Tel: +1 970 927-9911, Fax: +1 970 927-9917, www.cafeorzo.com.

Gourmet Tea on the Go…Just Add Water

EIGHTCRANES’ recently launched the Perfect Steeper, which makes enjoyment of perfectly brewed whole leaf tea possible anywhere there is access to hot water. The key to the Perfect Steeper is its unique brewing system. By separating the whole tea leaves in a separate chamber from the water, the Perfect Steeper allows complete control of the steeping time. This method prevents over steeping and the bitter taste that many associate with low-quality tea brewed from tea bags.

The Perfect Steeper boasts unique features, including a double-walled chamber made of high-tempered glass, which makes the product easy to handle even when filled with hot water. The removable polycarbonate steeping chamber at the top of the product can be drained free of water after every stepping and the loose tea leaves can be re-brewed up to 10 additional times. No mess, no waste. The product is elegantly designed and is the perfect gift for all whole leaf tea lovers and drinkers with busy lifestyles. Each Perfect Steeper™ comes with an easy to use introduction pamphlet to the world of authentic tea and its lifestyle benefits.

Recent additions to the EIGHTCRANES’ collection include a beautiful Gift Set and a line of hand-picked gourmet teas. Tung uses her expertise to personally select each tea she puts to market. With her knowledge and passion for loose tea, the selection promises to impress even the most discerning tea guru. Included in the Gift Set is a Perfect Steeper and three individually wrapped, gourmet teas. Premium Jasmine Pearl, Phoenix Oolong-Honey Orchid and Keemun Black Tea will appease the palette of any tea drinker.

Eight Cranes, One World Trade Center, Suite 800, Long Beach, California 90831. Tel: +1 562 432-5574, Fax: +1 562 432-8186, Email: info@eightcranes.com, Web: www.eightcranes.com.

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