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Staff Report

The Tea & Coffee World Cup Exhibition and Symposium returns once again to Vienna, Austria on April 25-27, 2010. With exhibitors from around the globe, visitors spanning every sector of the industry and workshops and panels only found at World Cup, this is an industry event not to be missed.

With the downturn of the economy, an international exhibition like Tea & Coffee World Cup is one of the best business opportunities offered today. Exhibitors can display their new products, demonstate their machinery, meet with existing and potential clients and promote their company to a broad market. Companies ranging from associations and organizations at origin, to machinery manufacturers and packaging solutions will all be present.

Whether you are looking to grow into the international market, or expand on an existing presence, Tea & Coffee World Cup Vienna is the place to see and be seen for the tea and coffee industries.

Our 2010 Exhibition will be a grand coalition of Tea & Coffee World Cup and Alles für den Gast-Wien, one of the largest and most well established HoReCa shows in Europe. The two leading Trade Fairs in their fields, serving the same industries but in different sectors, will complement each other and add value to both exhibitor’s and visitor’s experiences.

Visitors for Tea & Coffee World Cup include producers, importers/exporters, distributors, roasters, packers and suppliers. Attendees in the tea and coffee sectors from Alles fur den Gast-Wien, from buyers to beverage program managers, will also be walking the floor, adding additional networking benefits and a wider range of contacts to be met.

Aside from the exhibition, this 3-day comprehensive trade fair will also be featuring a full schedule of symposiums, workshops and special events. Keynote speakers include Nestor Osorio, executive director of the International Coffee Organization and Roel Vaessen, secretary general of the European Coffee Federation. Here you can get the latest in data analysis, crop and trend reports and coffee health claims and labeling legislation.

Our symposium panel topics have been carefully picked by industry notables, with an in-depth focus and timely content. Panel topics range from: Sustainable at Origin, where representatives from the world’s largest and most well-known certification associations will discuss advances in their systems and tips for those involved with producing or selling certified items; A Global Beverage Market Report, which will take attendees through a tour of what is happening in both the tea and coffee industries throughout the world; the Sustainable Port to Package panel will explore sustainable, cost-efficient practices from seed/leaf to cup for both tea and coffee; and the Decaf Trends and Technology panel will highlight the decaf sector’s advancements, discuss trends and survey the various production processes.

The panels will be interactive, as we encourage our audience members to get to know the panelists, ask questions and start conversations with their peers.

If you are looking for more “hands-on” experience, the Tea & Coffee World Cup has many options to choose. For those in the tea industry, or looking to expand into the tea industry, Halssen & Lyon will be holding an exciting tea tasting on the exhibition floor. Registrants for this event will get to taste multiple varieties of tea, learn to identify certain aromas and flavors and interact with fellow tea tasters. Slightly less traditional is the Mate tasting. A traditional drink in South America, Mate, sometimes known as “the other green tea,” is still gaining in popularity and availability in the international markets. The Brazilian Mate association, Abimate will be providing green mate, toasted mate, mate lates, flavored mate and Xima, the carbonated ready-to-drink mate beverage for tasting.

Another tea tasting event is being brought to you by the Darjeeling Tea Association and the Tea Board of India. Although, unlike the others, the teas that attendees get to sample at this event are also available for sale at the first ever Tea & Coffee World Cup Tea Auction. Experience the historical act of bidding on a particular lot of tea without traveling to India. Experience the thrill and excitement of buying tea directly from origin, ensuring the best value and quality and promoting traceability. With selections from various estates, the World Cup Tea Auction is a convenient and unique way for buyers to taste and purchase fine Indian teas. Mr. Kishan Katiyal, director, M/s. of J Thomas, Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading auction house, will help run the event.

Is coffee more your cup of tea? If so, the numerous interactive events revolving around coffee could help sharpen your senses, fine tune your craft and expose you to the beverage’s diverse world. Attend Joseph Rivera’s Science of Taste Workshop. Formally with the SCAA and currently heading his own Coffee Chemistry, Joseph will help even the most advanced coffee cuppers perfect the art of cupping. Attendees will taste samples of bitter, sweet, salty and unami and will learn to identify these tastes and relate their experiences back to coffee. Gaining a better understanding of coffee through this interactive workshop will help you relay your knowledge to potential clients.

An informal coffee tasting will also be taking place on the exhibition floor. Brought to you by Rainforest Alliance, this tasting will provide Tea & Coffee World Cup visitors with the opportunity to taste the top 10 scoring Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees from Brazil, Peru and East Africa. A side by side comparison allows each individual to compare and contrast the difference of each origin. Visitors can also rate coffees, to provide invaluable feedback to Rainforest Alliance, and can also leave comments for each of the farmer’s whose coffee is being tasted.

For those alredy in, or looking to enter, the coffee roasting field, the Hands-on Roasting Workshop and Seminar should not be missed. Intimate classes of around 12 people will meet in the morning to hear presentations on a briefing on origin, the roaster/importer relationship and profile roasting. The class will be split even further into two groups of 6 people to take turns roasting on the two different roasting machines, provided by Diedrich Manufacturing and Petroncini. The first group will roast 2-3 batches on Diedrich machine while the other group works with the Petroncini, both groups will have the help and expertise of a representative from that company. After a break for lunch, the teams will return to the Roasting Area and switch roasting machinery manufactuers. This provides partipants with knowledge of focused and specialized roasting topics, the experience roasting on various machines and the environment to interact with other professionals in the field. The event is offered in three tracks: the lecture only (can only attend the first hour of presentations), the observer (attends presentation/watches the roasting taking place), and the operator (attends workshops/operates the multiple machines). See website (www.tcworldcup.com) for prices.

Seats for all events are filling up quickly, so be sure to check out www.tcworldcup.com/vienna to pre-register!

Tea & Coffee - February, 2010

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