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Coffee Beanery Embraces A West Indies Theme
The Coffee Beanery, at the recent opening of its 2,000-square-foot store in Little Rock, Arkansas, unveiled its new, re-designed look, which features a setting reminiscent of a West Indies Coffee plantation.

According to JoAnne Shaw, company founder and president, “This new re-design reflects the growing lifestyle trend whereby today’s consumers seek excitement and adventure without leaving the comforts of what’s familiar to them.

“We’re embracing this ‘tasteful adventure’ by offering customers the opportunity to escape with a great specialty or espresso-based coffee drink, while feeling as if they have traveled miles away to the authentic coffee plantations where our beans are grown,” she added.

Fort Lauderdale-based Zakaspace, a hospitality interior design and architectural firm, was hired to design and execute the new look which will eventually be incorporated in all Coffee Beanery locations nationwide. Features of the new design include decorative wall tiles and large classically-styled wooden wall clocks displaying different time zones from various coffee-producing countries, including Kenya, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Tanzania, Colombia, Sumatra, and Jamaica.

May the Best Barista Win
The sixth annual Torani Barista Cup® will take place at the SCAA’s spring conference and exhibition in San Francisco.

“The Torani Barista Cup® highlights the barista’s individual skill and flair,” says Torani marketing director, Cindy Bosnian-Eckart. “At the same time, it’s fun to watch and learn from the most skilled baristas in the country.” Torani created the Barista Cup to recognize outstanding service in the industry, to educate people about flavored espresso-based drinks, and to inspire creativity.

Three industry experts - Sherri Miller of Allegro Coffee and Whole Foods Markets, Skip McNutt of Caffe d’Arte, and Meg Angell of Elliot Solutions - will serve as judges and will pool their knowledge of specialty coffee to rank six finalists. They will interview contestants, taste their shots, and score qualifying baristas on a list of criteria ranging from their technical knowledge to creativity and performance. The winner will receive a one-week trip for two to Italy and the first runner-up will receive an in-home espresso package featuring an art deco Francis Francis! espresso machine. All competing baristas will receive prizes.

For more information, contact Mathew Wills, marketing associate, R. Torre & Co., 233 East Harris Ave., So. San Francisco, California 94080. Tel: (650) 875-1200, Fax: (650) 875-1600.

Drie Mollen Expands Activities in Germany and Poland
Coffee roaster Drie Mollen Holding B.V. has acquired a 50% shareholding in the Viersen-based German coffee roaster Kaiser’s Kaffee-Geschäft, which belonged entirely to the retail organization Kaiser’s Kaffee-Geschäft AG, a division of Tengelmann.

This cooperation is fully in line with the objectives of Drie Mollen Holding B.V. for substantial growth on the German market, says the company. Tengelmann intends to concentrate fully on its retail activities and Drie Mollen will carry out the management of the coffee roasting company. Kaiser’s Kaffee will produce private labels for the Tengelmann group and also focus on other chain stores in Germany. Drie Mollen has also acquired a majority interest in the Polish company Kawomat. Kawomat’s activities include rentals and sales of coffee vending machines on the Polish market. With these so-called vending activities, Kawomat is targeting a relatively young growth market. The Polish company will be supervised by Koninkijke Olland, Drie Mollen’s Dutch lending company.

Drie Mollen has also released news on its expectations to reach an agreement on the take-over (by way of exchanging shares) of Smit & Dorlas, a traditional coffee roaster specializing in the supply of quality branded coffee and espresso machines to the Dutch catering sector.

Within the Drie Mollen group, Smit & Dorlas, which recently opened a new coffee roasting factory in Mijdrecht, will spearhead the further expansion of all coffee activities on the national and international catering markets, by way of autonomous growth and acquisitions. The managing director of Smit & Dorlas, H. Tunteler, will co-ordinate all these activities on behalf of Drie Mollen Holding.

The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia Receives Favorable Judgement
The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia has received an entry of a judgement in its favor against Juan Valdez Roastery Coffeehouse Inc., a New Jersey-based corporation attempting to enter the coffee roasting and sale business, and its principal investor-operator.

The judgement permanently forbids the defendants from using the Federation’s trademark Juan Valdez®, or any similar name or mark, in connection with the defendant’s business activities. The Federation brought legal action in the U.S. District Court in Newark, New Jersey. The District Court ultimately issued the injunction sought by the Federation and awarded the Federation its costs, including attorney’s fees, incurred in connection with bringing the action.

Alvaro Villegas, president of the Federation’s U.S. subsidiary, says, “the Juan Valdez® trademark on a package tells consumers that the coffee inside is high-quality, 100% Colombian coffee that fulfills certain requirements. The trademark is important to the Federation and its licensees. We cannot tolerate any infringement or dilution of its meaning to our loyal consumer base and will continue to pursue those companies that may abuse the good name of Colombian coffee and of the Federation’s trademarks.”

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