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Putumayo Presents More World Music
Putumayo recently released two new albums, which continue Putumayo’s tradition of making world music accessible to everyone.

Carnival includes music from Brazil, New Orleans, Trinidad, Barbados, Haiti, Cuba, Colombia and other places.

Cajun features Cajun music from Louisiana. This latest collection contains some of Cajun music’s finest performers.

Putumayo, 324 Lafayette St., 7th floor, New York, New York 10012. Tel: (212) 625-1400, Fax: (212) 460-0095, Web site: www.putumayo.com

Brew China Mist Iced Teas At Home
China Mist is introducing its three most popular iced black teas - Traditional, Passion Fruit and Fiesta Fria - along with its Green Star Blackberry Jasmine iced green tea, for home brewing. Each package contains four half-ounce filter bags to make four half-gallons of China Mist Iced Tea.

“The China Mist consumer line will deliver the same taste experience at home that customers have long enjoyed from our iced teas at their favorite restaurants - smooth and flavorful with no bitter dry aftertaste,” said John Martinson, China Mist president. “We also anticipate that our strong, well-established presence in the foodservice industry will enhance brand recognition for China Mist products in consumer markets.”

China Mist’s initial four-flavor consumer product line is being marketed nationwide to gourmet grocery and other specialty food stores, gift shops, and coffeehouses with an anticipated retail price of $4.95.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, China Mist Tea Co. is a blender, packer, and marketer of specialty iced tea for the foodservice and specialty retail markets.

China Mist Tea Company, 7435 East Tierra Buena Lane, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260. Tel: 1 (800) 242-8807, Web site: www.chinamist.com

Quick Diagnosis with Elmeco
Elmeco has fitted an electronic device to all its First Class models (the machine for preparing granitas) that allows for quick diagnosis of any technical problems. The auto-diagnostic system has been designed for those technical problems that are normally difficult to identify.

This system uses numbers, which appear on the electronic panel, to identify the type of problem; for example, a flashing “0” means that the level probe is not working, a flashing “1” indicates that the optical reader is broken or the signal has been an interrupted; and a flashing “2” means there is a problem with the temperature probe.

The new auto-diagnostic system helps the user and the customer service technician identify the type and magnitude of the problem over the telephone. This means faster, more efficient and more effective service.

Elmeco srl, 80025 Casandrino (Napoli) via Cirmcumvallazione esterna, 12. Tel: (081) 505-5724, Fax: (081) 505-5726, E-mail: elmeco@mbx.idn.it

Capresso’s Stainless Steel Vacuum Bullet is Back
Capresso is reintroducing its promotional Stainless Steel Vacuum Bullet. This one-half liter carafe, designed for serving hot and cold beverages, can be offered open stock or as a Gift With Purchase with Capresso’s Elegance 10-Cup Coffee Maker. The Elegance Coffee Maker is the only programmable 1O-cup coffee maker with a removable water container, water filtration system, drip stop, digital clock, and GoldTone Filter included.

Made of 18/10 stainless steel, the unbreakable Capresso Vacuum Bullet has clean lines and a contemporary look.

“Our Vacuum Bullet is an eye-catching GWP or add-on sale with a proven track record,” said David Shull, national sales manager of Capresso. “Vacuum carafes are hot, and this one is perfect for people on the go “

Capresso, P.O. Box 775, 81 Rackman Road, Closter, New Jersey, 07624, Tel: (201) 767-3999, E-mail: contact@capresso.com, Web site: www.capresso.com

Tea & Coffee - March/April 2001
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