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Tea - Alive and Kicking

The educational venues for tea salon and shop owners have multiplied throughout the U.S. Tea’s health attributes is only one of many magazines’ tea topics as articles on cooking with tea, tea products, accoutrements and teapots and profiles of tea companies are becoming more common. Consumer tea magazines and newsletters continue to gain popularity among tea loving consumers. Tea, as a topic has become a regular feature for many lifestyle magazines, including the Oprah magazine, which recently highlighted the Harlem Tea Room. The salon hailed the Tea School (founded by Pearl Dexter, editor of Tea, A Magazine), as her source of instruction.

The World Tea Expo and the U.S. Tea Association have also succeeded in getting out the word about tea’s many health benefits. World Tea Expo is holding its annual tea conference and exhibition this month, which features a Certification Program (Foundations of Tea - Level I and II) by the Specialty Tea Institute -- an arm of the Tea Association of the U.S., the official sponsor of the show. The association will be holding several of these Certification Programs throughout the year, including one at the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Tradeshow and Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I applaud the growth in tea products! It’s a delight to see tea packers expanding their product offerings - white tea lines, as well as established green lines, are offering more varieties. More and more flavors are infusing RTD beverages and loose teas. Tisanes are also gaining ground as rooibus, mate and other herbal infusions populate the U.S. market.

The assortment of teabags shouldn’t be left behind in this race for the U.S. market. In many German restaurants and hotels, their tea services are reinforced by their teabags, which are not only convenient, but profitable as well. Since they are large enough to infuse a two-cup teapot, consumers can drink two good cups of tea. It would be wonderful to see Americans adapt to this type of teabag size (See page 32 - Teabags Take Center Stage). Too often I see a weak cup of tea in restaurants. But hey, that’s why these salons are flourishing.

Let us continue in our quest to educate the public on the many excellent varieties of tea. And thank you for allowing our magazine to continue to be the trusted resource for the tea and coffee industries.

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - March/April, 2006

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