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Prominent Course in Tea

By Carolina Pichardo

Riensch & Held is one of the most sought after suppliers for tea connoisseurs. We take a look at many of their products available for both tea and coffee retailers.

Riensch & Held knows the business of tea filters and accessories. For over 30 years, the company has acquainted the world with the latest and top-notch household filters. They have provided those with a superior understanding of tea, with their superior, innovative products. Initially, the company began importing and distributing coffee in 1845. Today, they manufacture a wide range of household filters (i.e. coffee, tea, oil, water, air), as well as hold a variety of patents and registered designs.

Tea - As You Like It
Riensh & Held’s products are mostly marketed under the brand, “Finum.” The most popular are the paper tea filters, brewing basket and the Tea Control. The Finum brand also includes classic pottery items in combination with unique filter elements.

With the company’s paper filter, many people seem to enjoy its feasibility and simplicity, although they are single-serving. Simply use it once and then throw it away. “It is a very popular product in Continental Europe,” says Christian Justus, managing partner of the company. R&H uses a fiber material for their filters that is either unbleached or bleached with oxygen, which is a method that allows for an indistinguishable taste. “We are probably the world’s largest manufacturer of paper tea filters; we offer all sizes. That is also one reason why our customer base extends from Europe to the U.S., and on to Japan. Our export business shows a clear trend towards the disposable filters, since they combine the quality and the convenience issue.”

R&H does, however, offer other alternatives for those wanting longevity, such as the coffee sprinter and the famous brewing baskets for coffee and tea. These filters fit the most convenient teapots and mugs. The company also recently presented the Bistro Glass, which comes with a (nicely titled), Tea Hat. The hat is to be used as a drip-off tray and holder for teabags, which not only cleans up the process of making tea, but also refurbishes the given space. A second version of the Bistro Glass is also available, which includes a perfectly matching Brewing Basket and the Tea Hat. “Our products should be useful and a good looking accessory for tea lovers,” says Justus.

The Tea Control, on the other hand, is a different system altogether. Its popularity keeps growing as consumers realize its accessible, simple features. With this unit, the consumer has complete control over the taste of the product and the brewed strength. Turning the lid away from the tea maker stops the infusion process, and can be done at any desired point. There is no need to remove the filter when pouring the tea, nor a difference in using loose tea or teabags. The tea is not pressed down, but rotated and encapsulated within the patented Brew-Stop insert.

Filtering the Future of Tea
Much more can be said on R&H’s success, but much more can be said about their future. With their Finum product range, which includes several patented and award-winning brewers, their influence in the trade of tea and coffee is significant. Their attention to customer service and the trends of the market will continue to guide them, as well as allow them to maneuver the course of the industry. “We are focusing our efforts on innovative design and technology, quality manufacturing and superior customer satisfaction,” says Justus. The company has come a long way, but that road is far from complete.

Riensch & Held - Finum, Hans-Duncker-Str. 1, 21035 Hamburg. Tel: (49) 4073-4240, Fax: (49) 40 7342-4100, E-mail: info@finum.com, Web: www.finum.com.

Tea & Coffee - March/April, 2006

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