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Time to Say Good Bye

It is with mixed feelings that I end my 30-year career at the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. I was a mere child when I began at the magazine, a newly graduated college kid thrown in an industry filled with men (life couldnít have been better!)

The year was 1979; the industry was still crying about how consumers left them after prices rose drastically because of the 1975 Brazilian Frost. Coffee blends were cheapened and the industry was becoming aware of a taste revelation happening on the West Coast. The tea industry was just plodding along as well.

Iíve seen droughts come and go, freezes, devaluations, agricultural disease and sickness that has ravaged people. I saw the world become a smaller place. Travel and intercommunications make us speak at whim with each other; geography no longer hinders us.

Along the way, I fell in love... in love with the industry, the beverages and the people. The industry became my family. I used to joke that we all see each other more at shows than we do our own cousins.

You welcomed me into your families. I enjoyed the personal attention, dinners and invitations to homes and parties. You all took such good care of me. You were all so kind. Secrets were revealed, gossip shared and arguments were part of my daily routine. I felt I was one of you, not a journalist here to report, but a journalist to help, an editor who needed to inform and not sensationalize. I felt it my duty to promote the exceptional and expose the fraudulent. Coffee and tea couldnít have a better image today. Both beverages are trendy, healthy and economical. Donít lose that allure our beverages enjoy.

I am very proud of this magazine, its evolution from a domestic trade publication into an international Journal, helped along by excellent writers and past editorial staffers. Alexis Rubinstein who has worked alongside me for almost two years takes over the reigns. However, I wonít be far and will assume the role of editor-at-large, assisting, advising, complaining, writing, researching, complaining (Oh, did I repeat myself?)

Thank you for your friendship, loyalty and support. I will truly miss you all.

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Theta Ridge Coffee

Tea & Coffee - March, 2009

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