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Java Trading Co. Takes Roasting Technology Overseas
Java Trading Co. International of Seattle, Washington recently formed to bring the Java Trading Co. brand and roasting technology to strategic partners around the globe.

Java Int’l created a strategic partnerships to set up Java PureRoast coffee roasters in the area of distribution. The PureRoast System not only roasts coffee, it utilizes advanced technology to ensure their quality standard is met with each roast. Java Int’l also licenses the use of the Java Trading Co. brand to strengthen marketing programs.

The catalyst for the formation of Java Trading Co., Int’l was the opportunity to bring Seattle specialty coffee to Japan and Korea. The Lotte Group, with headquarters in Tokyo and Seoul, is working through a subsidiary, Java Trading Asia Co., to open several hundred Seattle style coffeehouses as well as domestic roasting operations to support retail and wholesale expansion.

Java Trading Co. currently has over 30 roasting operations and strategic partners across the United States and parts of Canada and Asia. These include such companies as Costco Wholesale, Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, the Continental Group, Food Services of America and the Lotte Group.

Port City Java Announces New Stores
Port City Java recently opened two new stores in its home base of Wilmington, North Carolina and more Harris Teeter Roll Outs.

One site has a drive-thru. Don Reynolds, ceo states, “There are over 38 thousand vehicles passing by daily. This site should experience tremendous traffic. In addition, the site has offices on the second floor and two additional office buildings in the same complex. Reynolds indicates the vehicle traffic, along with the office workers fits into the company’s location “profile”. The am traffic will produce heavy Drive Thru volume and the office workers will provide ongoing and lunch business. The company has a Pannini Grill and Fresh Juice Bar in all of its locations. The company went to this format in 1996, so “providing lunch is no problem for us.”

The second new store in Wilmington is located in a Harris Teeter. This is the second full Café the company has opened in Harris Teeter. This café program, along with the Kiosk Program, will have Port City Java brewed coffee and Whole Beans available in over 90 Harris Teeters.

Reynolds states “the program with Harris Teeter has worked out just as we had invisioned, it is allowing us to quickly expand our Brand and locations, without spending months and a lot of money on site evaluation, as the sites, along with the rent structure, is already in place.

The Coffee Beanery Places Its Beans on Screens
The film Erin Brockovich was recently re-released in theaters and the actress Julia Roberts is shown holding a cup of Coffee Beanery coffee in the movie’s promotional ads.

“Roberts’ Golden Globe award for Best Actress is a win for us, too,” said JoAnne Shaw, president of the Coffee Beanery. “She is larger than life, and having the exposure of her displaying our brand is something you simply cannot buy.”

The Coffee Beanery has also appeared on primetime television as well. From the Geena Davis Show to Beggars and Choosers to Dharma and Greg, many of Hollywood’s top actors are seen with Coffee Beanery products on their hit shows. Jenna Elfman’s character, Dharma, expressed her love of Coffee Beanery coffee when she referred to it as “sweet nectar of the gods.”

Throughout the past several years Coffee Beanery cups have been seen in other movies such as Deep Impact, Final Destination, and the NBC television show ER.

Tea & Coffee - April/May 2001
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