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Branding Hot Beverage Filter Paper
Crompton WoW is a new system, which enables teabags and coffee pouches to be printed with a quality image, which becomes clearly visible to the consumer as water is added to their beverage. The system enables brand owners to differentiate their product with a logo or message, which can be clearly seen on the filter paper before, during and after use.

The Crompton WoW process involves food safe ink printed directly onto filter paper, transforming it into a unique medium for carrying the brand owner’s message

The print quality of WoW makes it good for: maximizing the impact of promotions and special events, supporting sponsorship and advertising campaigns, offering protection against counterfeiting, and creating a premium range with its own unique image.

J.R. Crompton (USA) Ltd., Wachovia Center, Ste. 425, 340 Jesse Jewell Pkwy., Gainesville, Georgia 30501, Tel: (1)(770) 538-0770, Fax: (1)(770) 538-0777.

Pacific Bag Introduces New Logo
Pacific Bag, Inc. has updated the company’s logo with a vivid design that emphasizes PBI’s products and services as an integral part of today’s global packaging market.

Pacific Bag, Inc., 2045 - 120th Ave. NE, Ste. 100, Bellevue, Washington 98005. Tel: (1)(425) 455-1128, Fax: (1)(425) 455-1886, E-mail: bags@pacificbag.net.

New Web site for K&S
K&S KALI GmbH has launched a new website (www.kieserite.com) in order to provide information on the mineral compound kieserite, its features and uses as a fertilizer in agriculture. The nutrients, magnesium and sulfur have been increasingly recognized as major plant nutrients for tea and coffee crops. The web site describes the development of kieserite from its formation to being the product ESTRA Kieserite as well as providing guidelines for the appropriate Mg and S management under a wide range of soil, climate, and cropping conditions. Fifty photos showing deficiency symptoms are presented, offering an extensive source for farmers, advisors, scientists, and students.

K & S KALI GmbH, Tel: (49)(561) 9301-2339, E-mail: kaliagro@kali-gmbh.com.

Tea & Coffee - April/May, 2003


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