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Special Feature:
Tea & Coffee World Cup Americas Debuts In Miami!
By Carolina Pichardo
For some it may be the weather, for others it may be the ease of conducting business. Regardless of the reason, what’s clear is that on January 9–11, 2008, a majority of the tea and coffee industry will be at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida attending one of the most beneficial shows of the year, the Tea & Coffee World Cup Americas.
Coffee Feature:
Ethiopia’s Branding Battle
By Joel Starr & Timothy J. Castle

The complicated issue to trademark applications for ‘sidamo’ and ‘harrar’ continues as some notable leaders in the industry wage their opinions on the matter.
Tea Feature:
The Secret and Lucrative Private Label Tea Market
By Randy Altman
Almost completely unknown to the public, but making increasing profit for various tea companies, is the option of private label marketing. This profitable and sought-after sector of the market is examined and revealed.
Specialty News:
Oren’s Coffee: Serving The Big Apple
By Carolina Pichardo
In honor of those that make such an important part of our industry, Tea & Coffee Trade Journal is proud to dedicate this new section of “Specialty News” to the retailers.

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