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World’s Largest Tea Party

India - India hosted the world’s largest tea party at Indore’s Nehru Stadium. Nearly 1,000 volunteers served tea to 32,681 participants. An electronic machine counted the tea drinkers, and an adjudicator from the Guinness World Record was present.

“From an industrialist to the man on the street, a cup of tea is a major bonding factor in India,” said Sanjay Mani, general manager of the Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, which helped arrange the event. “We wanted to break and double a record held by Japan and thereby set a target of 30,000 tea drinkers sitting down at the same time sipping their mugs of steaming tea,” Mani said.

Nishio, a city in Japan, entered the Guinness World Records in 2006 by hosting the largest simultaneous tea party where 14,718 people took part.

The event, a fundraiser, was arbitrated by Francesca D’Asdia, who handed out a certificate to the organizers recognizing their attempt as a new world record.

“It was unbelievable,” said Rupali Dutta, director marketing of the Tea Board of India. “The gallery was full, people sat with their mugs waiting for the event to start, the atmosphere was quite festive.” The Tea Board was the co-sponsor for the event along with Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans Enters Agreement to be Sold

U.S. - PJ’s USA, Inc. and PJ’s Wholesale, Inc. entered into an agreement with New Orleans Roast, L.L.C. and New Orleans Brew, L.L.C. for the purchase of the assets of the PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans franchise system and coffee roasting business. The deal is expected to close this spring and is subject to due diligence and certain closing conditions.

New Orleans Roast and New Orleans Brew intend to bring PJ’s back to its place of origin. Franchises since 1995, New Orleans Roast and New Orleans Brew currently own and operate five PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans locations, and intend to develop and manage additional stores in the future.

“Like Phyllis Jordan, who founded this great coffee company in 1978, our family has been vested in and passionate about PJ’s throughout the course of the company’s 30-year history,” explains Paul Ballard, partner, New Orleans Roast and New Orleans Brew. “Raving Brands has placed us in a very strong position to grow PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans in the Southeast as the premier coffee company with a proud heritage, a distinct coffee palate, a roasting facility in the heart of New Orleans and a base of customers as loyal as any brand can have.”

Phyllis Jordan founded PJ’s years prior to the specialty coffee movement. Today, there are 48 PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans locations, largely in the Southeast.

“We have made sure that the PJ’s brand has found a home with family and friends who were raised in south Louisiana, who already love the concept and all that is distinct about it,” explains Stephen M. LaMastra, president and chief operating officer of Raving Brands. Upon closing, says LaMastra, “the PJ’s franchise system will be in great hands with the direction of these local owners, who have been heavily involved in the success of PJ’s for many years, and who are committed to the integrity of this great brand.”

Tea & Coffee World Cup Asia - November 20 - 22, 2008

Tea & Coffee World Cup Asia, brought to you by Tea & Coffee Trade Journal and Tea & Coffee Asia, will be held November 20-22 at the HITEX Convention Center in Hyderabad, India.

The last Tea & Coffee World Cup Asia was held in Shanghai, China, so it’s only logical that the next should be held in India, the “other” billion-person market, dynamically growing with vast opportunities for international and local players in the tea and coffee businesses. Not to mention India is the world’s largest producer and consumer of tea, and has a growing coffee market in terms of consumption and production.

In 2005 India produced around 28% of the world’s tea, and consumed approximately 22.4% of the world total. Consumption of coffee in India is increasing by 6% every year. Exports of coffee reached 248,687 tons in the 2006- 2007 season with the top 10 export destinations being throughout Europe, including Russia.

Coffee shops are now widely popular in India, with local chains opening up multiple stores and international players planning to expand into the market.

Hyderabad is the capital city of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Home to eight million people, Hyderabad is the sixth largest city in India, and 36th largest metropolitan area in the world. Hyderabad is located in the geographic center of India, and you can reach any major Indian city in less than two hours from the brand new Hyderabad airport that opened in March.

Currently there are nonstop flights between Hyderabad and every city in India. Internationally, visitors can fly nonstop between Hyderabad and Addis Ababa, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Colombo, Doha, Dubai, Frankfurt, Jeddah, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Muscat, Riyadh, Sharjah and Singapore. With the new airport opening, more non-stop and direct connections will be in place by the time of the show.

The exhibition will feature suppliers of equipment, machinery, supplies and services; manufacturers of coffee and tea products; and international importers, exporters of raw product, industrial and specialty roasting as well as restaurant, hotel and coffee bar chains.

Exhibitors include Brasilia S.p.A, Kaapi Machines Pvt. Ltd, WMF, Ahlstrom, Ohki Co Ltd, Yamanaka Industry Co. Ltd, Florapharm, H & S Tee- Gesellschaft, Premier’s Tea Ltd, Pure Tea, HIMCOOP, World Alliance of Gourmet Robustas, Neel Enterprises, Buhler Society, Niro, Simar Fordertechnik, MAI S.A and Scolari Engineering.

For more information, visit: www.tcworldcup.com/hyderabad.

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