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The world of tea & coffee is expanding into many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Taste the Origin of Chocolate

Nahualli Trading Co. combines the flavor of dark chocolate with roasted seeds of the cacao tree to create Chocolate Seeds.

Nahualli Trading Co. sources Criollo cacao seeds from Fair Trade and organic Ecuadorian farmers. A three-step process takes places to produce a decadent and rich taste. First, whole beans are carefully shelled. Next, the shelled beans are expertly roasted to develop a full, intense flavor. Finally, the roasted beans are perfectly seasoned with dark chocolate.

Two varieties of Chocolate Seeds are available: Chocolate Seeds enrobed in smooth dark chocolate. The combination is a fruity body with deep chocolate notes and no bitter finish; and Organic Chocolate Seeds covered with smooth dark organic chocolate. This version has a sweet punch with a pineapple finish.

Nuhualli Trading Co., 4904 Alpinis Drive, Suite 112, Raleigh, NC 27616. Tel: +1(919) 961-1984, E-mail: sales@nahuallitrading.com, Web: www.nahuallitrading.com.

Coffee Love: 50 Ways to Drink Your Java

The book features an evocative narrative that takes readers on a globe trotting adventure through cafes and coffee houses from Seattle to Florence to Budapest and everywhere in between. The author, Daniel Young briefly traces coffee’s roots from Ethiopia to the modern coffee revolution - started in Seattle by a little coffee shop called Starbucks. Young also provides a review of coffee basics covering the essentials of bean selection, storage, roasting, grinding, and brewing. 

Coffee buffs will relish in the 50 easy-to-follow recipes for coffee drinks from around the world. Young includes: Italian espresso, cappuccino and latte; hot and iced coffees from Vietnam and Thailand; elegant coffee extravaganzas from old Vienna; classic coffee milkshakes and sodas; French café au lait; and coffee cocktails such as New Orleans café brûlot and London’s vodka espresso.

Wiley Publishing, 909 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022. Tel: +1(212) 884-5000 Web: www.wiley.com, www.youngandgoodfish.com.

A Portable Wellness Boost from Ito En

Ito En (North America), Inc. has released their Oolong Shot, a premium unsweetened ready-to-drink tea brewed from whole loose oolong tea leaves. The drink, which contains more oolong tea leaves brewed per serving than any other ready-to-drink oolong tea on the market, according to the company, delivers a whopping 171 milligrams of oolong tea polyphenols in a convenient 6.4 fluid oz steel can.

“As Americans’ interest in healthy lifestyles grows, they are looking for products that not only promote wellness but also fit into their increasingly busy and on-the-go lifestyles,” says Rona Tison, senior vice president of corporate relations.

Ito En, 45 Main Street, Suite 3A, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Tel: +1(718) 250-4000, Fax: +1(718) 246-1325, E-mail: comments@itoen.com, Web: www.itoen.com.

Acai Berry Flavored Coffee

Joy Brazil Coffee Inc, a coffee import company based in New York, carries roasted coffee sold to its customers through its website, MyBrazilianCoffee.com. MyBrazilianCoffee.com now offers Baggio Gourmet Coffee with the exotic flavor of the acai berry.

Natives of the Amazon Rainforest have made the acai berry part of their diets for hundreds of years. Now no longer a secret, the acai berry is being sought after for its exceptional nutritional and antioxidant benefits.

The Baggio family tradition of cultivating coffee beans dates back to 1886 when they emigrated from Italy. They started growing coffee in the states of São Paulo and Parana and decided to grow specialty high quality coffee in the fertile soil and excellent climate of Minas Gerais. Besides its gourmet coffee Baggio also offers some delicious flavored coffees for your delight. Baggio coffees can be purchased from MyBrazilianCoffee.com.

The idea of the acai berry flavored coffee came from a conversation between both companies and what they could observe in the market in the U.S.

Joy Brazil Coffee Inc., Tel: +1 (315) 508-4383, E-mail: info@joybrazilcoffee.com; info@mybraziliancoffee.com, Web: www.joybrazilcoffee.com; www.mybraziliancoffee.com.

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