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HDOA Secures 100% Kona Coffee Trademark
The Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) has secured a federal certification mark for 100% Kona Coffee® from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Washington, D.C. The granting of Registration #2,322,867, dated February 29, 2000, gives the coffee farmers of Kona, Hawaii protection and recognition for the coffee grown in the North and South Kona Districts on the Island of Hawaii.

The Hawaiian Coffee Association (HCA), through its statewide membership, has worked to assist the HDOA in the task of building this national program. The 100% Kona Coffee® trademark provides an assurance of origin and quality.

Torani Syrups Entering Foreign Markets
Café-goers throughout the U.K. and Mexico can expect to find Torani flavoring options on more café and coffeehouse menus.

"Torani recently solidified relationships with prominent distributors in Mexico and the UK.," says Paul Lucheta, the company's vice president of international sales. "These relations promise to significantly increase sales in both parts of the world in the upcoming year."

The company notes that the American-style coffeehouse is being widely accepted in Europe, especially in the U.K. "It's a move away from pubs," says Lucheta. "The focus of the café is to serve premium coffee and to provide inviting space so that people want to spend time there."

Torani has strong appeal to foreign business owners and consumers, states the company. In 1999 the company secured ties to two new foreign distributors, Café El Marino, a premier distributor in Mexico, and Matthew Algie, a coffee services distributor based in Scotland.

Building the Torani's brand identity in international markets plays a key part in the company's expansion plans. While the red, gold, and blue Torani labels are being used internationally, they must be modified to fulfill each country's standards. "Torani's colorful banner of bottles is something U.S. customers recognize," says company marketing director, Cindy Bosnian-Echart. "They associate the look of the bottles with upscale coffeehouses. We want to make sure we project the same recognizable, premium-quality image to our customers in foreign countries."

R.Torre & Co., 233 East Harris Ave., So. San Francisco 94080. Tel: (650) 875-1200, Fax: (650) 875-1600, Web Site: www.torani.com

Key Technology Plans to Acquire AMVC
Key Technology, Inc. has signed a definitive agreement and plan of merger with Advanced Machine Vision Corp. (AMVC).

AMVC is comprised of two subsidiaries Ń SRC Vision, Inc., a manufacturer of machine vision systems for the food, agricultural, plastics, tobacco, and pulp and wood industries, located in Medford, Oregon and Eidhove, the Netherlands; and Ventek, a designer and assembler of machine vision systems for automated inspection and process control in the plywood and wood panel industries.

"The company believes that the transaction will result in substantial cost reductions and is expected to be accretive to earnings in Fiscal 2001," states Tom Madsen, president and c.e.o. of Key Technology. "Managment expects that approximately $4 Đ 5 million in direct cost reduction can be achieved through reductions in manufacturing, combining sales and marketing efforts and elimination of redundancies in research and development programs.

"At the same time, the acquisition will allow the company to more aggressively expand geographic and market sector sales coverage. The combined company will also expand the development of new technologies for solving customers' quality, safety, and productivity problems, and provide a higher level of customer service with the combination of the two service organizations. Key's Specialized Conveying Systems (SCS) division, which designs and manufactures conveying equipment, will benefit immediately from the increased level of systems work that will be generated by the sale of SRC optical sorting machines."

Key plans to introduce a new internet-based, online remote access product later this year. "The new service product," states Madsen, "will allow Key's service center to diagnose customers' automated inspection machines to achieve optimum performance while customers' processing lines are running. Gaining access to AMVC's installed base of over 1000 systems will roughly double Key's existing base of installations where this new remote access product can be applied. This acquisition will clearly enhance the ability to bring a higher level of service to Key and AMVC customers, many of whom are located a great distance from service centers."

New Mexico Coffee Co. Acquires Rio Grande Roasters
With the new merger, the company will be adding seven members to its Albuquerque area staff, in addition to eight support staff spread across the U.S. who will service national accounts. Rio Grande Roasters will retain a sales office in Santa Fe to continue to serve customers in northern New Mexico.

New Mexico Coffee Co. will continue to market all Rio Grande Roasters product lines, giving its customers a broader range of products to choose from. The merger will also enable the company to offer customers coffee in a wider range of packages, in sizes ranging from 5-lb. bulk to single brew fractional packs. Services available to commercial accounts will also be expanded with coffee-making equipment sales, leasing, and service offered everywhere in the region from Durango, Colorado to El Paso, Texas. Elizabeth Kollar, former president of Rio Grande Roasters, will take over the sales division of New Mexico Coffee as vice president of sales.

In addition to the two drum roasters the company uses, the merger will add another drum roaster and an air roaster to the Albuquerque facility, making New Mexico Coffee the only roaster in the South West to offer both air and drum roasted beans in organic and conventional varieties, states the company.

New Mexico Coffee Co., 8308 Corona Loop NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113. Tel: (505) 856-5282, Fax: (505) 856-5588, Web Site: www.AvalonCoffee.com.

Royal Cup Partners With Outback Steakhouse
Royal Cup, Inc., a Birmingham, Alabama-based coffee roaster, has forged a partnership with Outback Steakhouse, Inc. to provide service, equipment, and custom-blended coffee to all 574 Outback Steakhouse units located in the U.S., as well as the 72 Carraba's Italian Grill restaurants operated by Outback.

"Together with the Royal Cup team, we spent more than six months tasting different blends and developing the flavor profile that best serves Outback and its guests," said Irene Wenzel, vice president of purchasing for Outback Steakhouse. "Partnering with Royal Cup demonstrates our continued commitment to quality and innovation."

The custom blend created by Royal Cup for Outback Steakhouse is 100% high-grown Arabica coffees from Central and South America. Outback has agreed to include the Royal Cup name and logo on its menus and has developed a serving vessel that ensures each guest is served a fresh cup of coffee.

"In addition to increasing market share of Royal Cup in our core markets," says Hatton C.V. Smith, president of Royal Cup, "this relationship reinforces our reputation as the leading customized coffee roaster to the food service industry."

Tea & Coffee - May/June 2000
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