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Bellissimo’s Animated Coffee Clip Art
Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup announces the release of Movin’ Sip Art, a unique collection of animated coffee clip art on CD-ROM for use on the World Wide Web.

“These one-of-a-kind animated images will jazz up and add movement to your Web site,” says Bruce Milletto, President of Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup. “There is a lot of animation on the Web right now, but very little that is specific to coffee. We developed Movin’ Sip Art for companies in the coffee industry that have Web sites and want to have unique graphic content.”

Some of the images included are animated email graphics, coffee cups and coffee equipment. The CD-ROM is suitable for both Windows and Macintosh formats.

The 63 images in the collection are the work of James Cloutier, the artist who created the images on Bellissimo’s Sip Art Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and Sip Art Countries of Origin. Images from these volumes are used for menus, flyers, advertising, labels, and point-of-purchase items. The images were animated by Mike Wooster of Premierelink Communications.

Bellissimo is the producer of coffee industry media and books.

Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup, 1501 Pearl Street, Suite B, Eugene, Oregon 97401. Tel: 541-683-5373, Fax: 541-683-1010, E-mail: ciao@bellissimocoffeeinfo.com, Web site: www.espresso101.com

New Teas From Stash
Stash has added four new flavors and a Decaffeinated Tea Sampler to its line of specialty teas. Stash Blueberry Herbal Tea has the mellow sweetness of blueberries and the tart flavor of orange, lemongrass, and spices, which combine for a refreshing herbal tea. Naturally caffeine free.

Stash Orange Starfruit Chamomile Herbal Tea is a soothing fruity blend of chamomile flowers with orange and starfruit.

Stash Vanilla Nut Crème Decaf Tea is a decaffeinated black tea with a rich vanilla nut aroma and flavor.

Stash Green Chai Tea is a full-flavored blend of green tea and sweet spices.

Stash also offers a new Decaffeinated Sampler. This new sampler contains three tea bags each of Decaffeinated Chai Spice, Decaffeinated Earl Grey, Decaffeinated Vanilla Nut Crème. All come in individually wrapped envelopes.

Stash teas are all 100% natural and Kosher certified. Stash Tea, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, prides itself on superior quality specialty teas.

Stash Tea, P.O. Box 910, Portland, Oregon 97207, Tel: (503) 684-9725, Fax: (503) 684-4424, Web site: www.stashtea.com

John Guest Introduces New Fittings
John Guest announces a new 3/8” O.D. x 3/8” Female Flare addition to their line of Brass Push-in Fittings.

John Guest Brass Push-in Fittings are produced with a polypropylene collet and an EPDM O-ring, and are designed for use in Coffee and Drinks Vending Machine water lines.

The Super Speedfit design provides leak-free installations on copper, stainless steel, and plastic tubing; ease of use allows you to add, remove, or re-route your applications - all without having to use tools or discard any product.

John Guest USA, Inc., 10 Bloomfield Ave., Pine Brook, New Jersey 07828. Tel: (973) 808-5600, Fax: (973) 808-5036

Boston Warehouse’s Creative Kitchen Accessories
Boston Warehouse recently introduced Cup O’ Joe Kitchen accessories, including a Cookie Jar, Tick Tock Timer and Napkin Ring Set. These new items are part of the new Nick & Nora Sunnyside Up Collection.

Reminiscent of the classic American diner, the Cup O’ Joe Cookie Jar is a large white-and-blue cup and saucer lidded with a swirl of coffee and a graceful steam curl. The earthenware cookie jar holds over 1 lb. of biscotti or other coffee confections.

The Cup O’Joe Tick Tock Timer features the same cup design as the cookie jar. A three-dimensional kitchen timer made of hand-painted resin, it measures four inches high and four inches wide.

Boston Warehouse, 59 Davis Avenue, Norwood, Massachusetts 02062-3048. Tel: (781) 769-8550, Fax: (781) 769-9468

Da Vinci’s New Flavored Syrup
Da Vinci recently released a new Key Lime Pie Flavored Syrup, which is only available for a limited time. The company describes the flavor as a celebratory blend of tart Key limes, rich custard, and warm graham cracker crust, inspired by the remarkable dessert. It can be added to coffee, tea and soda.

This flavor comes in classic and sugar free varieties, and is available in a 750 ml glass bottle. It is the newest edition to Davinci’s Special Edition Flavor Program, which introduces flavors for seasonal promotions, and retailers are given the opportunity to run a turnkey drink special, based on a comprehensive kit assembled for the flavor. This kit includes POS for drinks, product support items like sauce and syrup pumps, and theme related straws or lid covers.

Da Vinci Gourmet, Ltd., 7224 1st Avenue South, Seattle, Washington 98108, Tel: (206) 768-7401 or Fax: (206) 764-3989, E-mail: info@davincigourmet.com, Web site: www.davincigourmet.com

A New Range of Coffee Machines
Animo, manufacturer of coffee brewing systems, introduces the Millennium range: a new range of coffee machines for glass jugs and thermos jugs. These fast brew machines are fitted with various extras. Two eye-catching features are the jug detector and the “prewetting-brew” brewing process.

The jug detector prevents the coffee brewer from boiling up any water while there is no jug under the filter. If you remove the jug during the brewing process, the water will stop boiling immediately and the filter will close. Only after replacing the jug, will the brewing process resume.

The Animo machines also give the option of making coffee by way of the so called “prewetting brew process.” This means that after 15 seconds (100 ml water) the brewing process stops for a moment. The coffee now gets the chance to steep in the filter. After steeping for 60 seconds the brewing process continues until the desired number of cups has been reached. Steeping the coffee during the brewing process releases the coffee flavor more effectively. The coffee machines are available in semi-automatic and automatic versions. In addition there are also models with a hot water tap for making a cup of tea. In short, the millennium range is a welcome addition to every kitchen or canteen.

Animo B.V., P.O. Box 71, 9400 AB ASSEN, The Netherlands, Tel: (33) (0)592 376376, Fax: (33) (0)592 341751, E-mail: info@animo.nl, Web site: www.animo.nl

New Premium Decaffeinated
Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company, Inc. has announced the introduction of its own Premium Decaffeinated Espresso Blend.

The blend was carefully blended from a number of fine coffees to create a perfect decaffeinated espresso. The pre-mixed blend is delivers a bold aroma, flavor, complexity, body and finish, not least of which is a classic créma. While its overall flavor impression is mild, it is also penetrating enough for any milk-based drink.

Research shows interest in decaf is on the rise again as seen in the most recent NCA study, which shows that a long term decline has halted and decaffeinated share is on the rise.

The new blend is packed in a 30 kg bag. The company says that the Swiss Water Espresso Blend bag can greatly reduce decaf investment for roaster/retailers while increasing turnover. Stocking the blend will also simplify management of the product category roasting schedule.

Swiss Water Decaffeinated, 3131 Lake City Way, Burnaby, British Columbia V5A 3A3. Tel: (604) 420-4050, Fax: (604) 420-9422, E-mail: info@swisswater.com, Web site: www.swisswater.com

Tea & Coffee - May/June 2001
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