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Past and Future Specialty Coffee Shows

The SCAA held yet another successful Conference & Exhibition in Charlotte just a few weeks ago. Attendance was estimated at over 7,000 international visitors.

Educational tracks and sessions were jam-packed and many attendees stood. This year, the SCAA offered more workshops for their members including roasting techniques and instructions for both the beginner and the advanced coffee roaster. Extra wide aisles made the exhibition most comfortable that allowed attendees to freely walk around and enjoy all exhibitors. At the close of the show, exhibits for the following year in Long Beach, were almost sold out.

After a hard year with the association dealing with missing funds, the SCAA is back on sound financial footing. Faced with such a large financial loss, one SCAA member stated the worst was behind the organization and now it was time for building.

The United States Barista Championship (USBC) entertained the crowds. Three of the top four winners all came from Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea in Chicago. Matthew Riddle, Intelligentsia, won first place. Billy Wilson of The Albina Press, Portland, won second place. Amber Sather and Ellie Matuszak, Intelligentsia, won third and fourth place respectively.

Doug Zell, c.e.o. and co-founder of Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, received the Outstanding Contribution to the Association award from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

SCAA also named both Sustainable Harvest and Timothy’s World Coffee as the recipients of its third annual Sustainability Awards. The SCAA Sustainability Award recognizes specialty coffee companies that have created innovative projects to expand sustainability within the coffee world while inspiring others to initiate similar endeavors.

This magazine is being distributed at the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe’s World of Coffee in Berne, Switzerland - the country that is responsible for almost 70% of worldwide green coffee production being traded by Swiss-based trading companies.

The conference for World of Coffee 2006 has been designed to appeal to visitors from every aspect of the specialty coffee industry and includes: seven workshop-fields with the top trainers from around the world, 35 speakers at the conference, who will talk about their own experiences regarding the most vital matters affecting coffee today, four world championships in coffee techniques, Brazil and India will hold a contest for the best nationally produced coffee, a traditional tasting session, and an espresso contest.

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - May/June, 2006

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