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The world of tea & coffee is sure venturing in many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Hälssen & Lyon, A Tea History

With over one hundred years in the tea industry, Hälssen & Lyon definitely has a lot to say about the world of tea, and that is exactly what they are doing with their latest endeavor in the publishing world. Entitled, Hälssen & Lyon, A Tea History, the company is commemorating the developments and achievements they have attained “all under one roof.”

Beautifully designed, with pictures of the many faces, personalities, and events that have impacted the company throughout the years, the book is a must-have for those wanting to learn more about Hälssen & Lyon, or to simply understand the many events and laws that have influenced the integration of tea as a culture and of commercial value.

Hälssen & Lyon, Pickhuben 9, 20457 Hamburg, Germany. Tel. (49) 40 36143-0, Fax: (49) 40 36146-117, Email: info@haelssen-lyon.de, Web: www.haelssen-lyon.com.

Numi’s New White Teas

White tea is becoming the new green in the marketplace, with more consumers discovering the numerous health benefits that comes from drinking this unique beverage. Numi, in being one of the leaders in top quality innovative flavors, launched five new teas to go along with this latest trend. White tea is known for its health benefits and subtle flavor, due to the oxidation process being halted immediately after picking. Numi has chosen this particular organic Fair Trade Certified, Bai Mu Dan White tea (Jiangxi Province, China) for its new white tea blends: Velvet Garden and White Nectar. According to the Velvet Garden, the white tea contains real pink rosebuds, which uplifts the spirit with its intoxicating aroma and taste.  The other blend, Numi’s White Nectar, is a Bai Mu Dan white tea blended with delicate organic osmanthus flowers, which impart a sweet almost apricot flavor. Although they are relatively new to the North American palate, osmanthus flowers are a native treat in China, and have been used for decades in tea blends and other beverages.

Numi Organic Tea, P.O. Box 20420, Oakland, California 94620. Tel: 866-972-6879, E-mail: info@worldpantry.com, Web: www.numitea.com.

Cup Holder: Heats Them Up

Animo, the Dutch manufacturer of a wide range of coffee and tea brewing equipment, is launching a new cup heating system.

The Animo cup heater fits snugly into coffee serving areas and can tuck away 144 cups, keeping them at a constant temperature and ready to preserve the best qualities of the coffee you serve. A client-pleaser, this new equipment features two separate heating systems, and is made of durable stainless steel. It comes with or without saucer holder.

Animo B.V., P.O. Box 71, 9403 ADASSEN, The Netherlands. Tel: +(31)(0) 592 376376, Fax: +(31)(0) 592-341751, E-mail: msmalbil@animo.nl.

Probat-Werke’s Coffee Know-How Book

There are many techniques and approaches to roasting, but why not go directly to the source that has years and years of experience in the field. Within a thick and comprehensive handbook, Probat-Werke has implemented all of its skills and knowledge for others to acquire and learn. Written by Gerhard A. Jansen, the book – “Coffee Roasting. Magic – Art – Science” – is based on the experiences gained in the Research and Development Department of Probat-Werke, Emmerich, and is intended to be used as a reference for topics and terms concerning the physical and chemical sequences of the coffee roasting process. Jansen has been a Probat member since 1970, beginning as a design engineer and then succeeding to become the manager of the research and development segment. After having a total of 36 years with the company, he recently stepped down, after completing this compilation of techniques and expertise.

The different illustrations and representations are also an excellent visual guide, and combined with the author’s expert knowledge, make it clear and concise for the reader to understand.

Probat-Werke von Gimborn Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Reeser Str. 94, 46446 Emmerich, Deutschland. Tel. (02822) 912-313, Fax (02822) 912-7313, E-Mail: i.schaeper@probat.com, Web: www.probat.com.

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