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Glatfelter Composite Fibers Pools Its Expertise in Europe

As part of the U.S.-based Glatfelter Company, two long-established players in the European paper industry, Schoeller & Hoesch and Lydney (formerly JR Crompton), will be operating jointly as Glatfelter Composite Fibers as of April 1, 2007. “The aim of this move is to pool the expertise of the mills in Germany, France and the U.K. in order to provide even better service to long-standing customers throughout the world by enhancing our products and services,” says Martin Rapp, vice president and general manager of the business unit. Following its acquisition of Schoeller & Hoesch in 1998, Glatfelter has demonstrated its confidence in its European operations by making major investments in new plant and equipment, and by acquiring another business.

Glatfelter Composite Fibers holds leading global positions in long-fiber papers and wetlaid nonwovens. It specializes mainly in tea and coffee filter papers, where cooperation with the leading brands has resulted in a broad spectrum of offerings. These include heatsealable and non-heatsealable grades of plain and perforated papers. Glatfelter customers are increasingly opting to have filter materials supplies complete with their company or brand logo. The tea filter papers are generally used to make double-chambered or single-chambered bags, but also come in other attractive formats. Glatfelter coffee filter papers are available for use as pads, pods and pouches, successfully answering the growing trend toward single-portion brewing. The business unit also produces overlay products for the furniture and composites industries, metallized papers and films, and technical specialties.

As before, Glatfelter Composite Fibers will be managed from Gernsbach, Germany, the location of the business unit’s largest production site, which has been renamed Glatfelter Gernsbach GmbH & Co. KG. The U.K. mill, acquired in 2006, now operates as Glatfelter Lydney Ltd. The French branch, acquired in 1998 from the well-known Papeteries de Cascadec, is called Glatfelter Scaër SAS. The business unit also includes a sales company and distribution center in the U.S., a representative office in Suzhou, China, and a pulp factory in the Philippines.

P. H. Glatfelter Company is headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, U.S. Employing more than 3,700 people, the company earns annual sales of some $986 million (provisional result for fiscal 2006). The Composite Fibers business unit has 1,000 employees and contributes some $293 million to corporate earnings. U.S. operations include facilities in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, and Chillicothe and Fremont, Ohio.

La Marzocco’s 80th Anniversary

La Marzocco celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. The company was founded by the Bambi Brothers in 1927, when they opened a factory to produce coffee machines. They adopted the name, “La Marzocco,” with the seated lion with the crest of the Florentine lily as their symbol, inspiring the name of the factory and forever linking it to the city of Florence and to the Florentine spirit. They began producing handcrafted machines with an emphasis placed on detail, similar to the countless artisans and artists that have thrived in the city throughout the centuries and have left world-renowned works of art as their witness.

The machines were designed and produced on demand and according to single client specifications. In spite of having realized the very first espresso coffee machine with horizontal boilers as early as 1939 (MARUS), the turning point in production took place in 1970, when La Marzocco patented a machine composed of two distinct boilers, one for coffee extraction and the other for steam.

An additional turn of events affecting the destiny of the company took place in 1977, when Kent Bakke came to Italy and developed a keen interest in La Marzocco’s coffee machines. With Piero Bambi’s assistance, he began to understand the dynamics behind the factory walls and came into closer contact with the world of quality espresso coffee. Later, he acquired the company together with other investors.

It was implicit from the onset of this relationship, however, that the spirit of the company would not be altered. In fact, Kent Bakke has continued on the same path as the Bambi brothers and Piero Bambi, placing quality, as well as research for optimal espresso coffee extraction, first.

Hand-made machine production makes it possible to give priority to details, and constant research leads to invariable improvement in esthetics and quality. The company, nonetheless, has adopted predefined standards as well, which guarantee more sophisticated production without undermining the quality or the performance of La Marzocco’s coffee machines.

To inaugurate the celebrations that mark the 80th anniversary this year, the company has published a book titled, “La Marzocco – 80th Anniversary Collection,” which includes images of La Marzocco machines produced throughout its history.

The company is located in Pian di San Bartolo, in the vicinity of Florence, Italy, and has offices in Milan and Seattle. La Marzocco is the official sponsor of the World Barista Championship (WBC).

La Marzocco Srl, Via Bolognese 68, 50010 Pian di San Bartolo, Florence, Italy. Tel: +(39) 02 36534109, E-mail: guido@lamarzocco.com, Web: www.lamarzocco.com.

Caffe Culture Show in London

The U.K. café and coffee bar sector has experienced phenomenal growth over recent years. As the market has developed, competition amongst operators has intensified and greater opportunities have opened up for suppliers. Caffè Culture was launched in 2006 to cater to the needs of this dynamic sector, and after a successful first year, it is set to deliver an even more exciting event in 2007.

Taking place May 23 – 24, 2007 at London’s Olympia, Caffè Culture states it is the U.K.’s only dedicated event for the café and coffee bar sector, providing a platform for operators and suppliers to meet and do business. Caffè Culture presents major international brands alongside smaller independent suppliers, covering the complete range of products and services that a successful café business requires.

Exhibitor categories include: catering equipment, coffee, accessories roasters, food, furniture, interior design, as well as beverages other than coffee, including tableware and technology.

For more information visit: www.caffeculture.com. You can also submit you requests by e-mail: elliotg@upperstreetevents.co.uk.

John Conti Coffee Co. Goes on Buying Spree

Crystal Food Service Company, located in Indianapolis, Indiana has sold their Western Kentucky Branch, Coffee Etc. to the john conti Coffee Co. located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Coupled with previous acquisitions of Kentuckiana Frozen Beverage, the coffee company now has the Slush Puppy frozen beverage franchise for 70% of the state of Kentucky. John Conti, founder of john conti Coffee Co. says “ We are definitely in a growth mode right now. Our team is actively expanding, and we see a huge opportunity before us for additional growth.”

The john conti Coffee Company roasts specialty coffees and serves over 5,000 office, restaurant and institutional customers through its extensive route network throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Coffee Families Helping Coffee Families

A consortium of coffee processors, exporters, importers, retailers and others have come together in a major charitable effort to assist the children and families of coffee pickers in Honduras and Nicaragua. Farmer Brothers Coffee, Volcafe USA, Eight O’Clock Coffee, the Mercon Coffee Group and Continental Terminals among others, have joined forces to initiate this grassroots charitable effort.

Calling the project “Coffee Families Helping Coffee Families,” the charitable founders working from both coasts are initiating employee and vendor drives for used clothing, school supplies, personal hygiene items, OTC medications, such as lice shampoo, baby aspirin, topical ointments, no-battery toys, etc. These items are intended primarily for the children, but also to help all family members of the coffee pickers in Honduras and Nicaragua.

“We have an extensive supply chain established to bring quality coffee and coffee products to our customers. We wanted to do something for the first link in that chain, [which are] the families, and particularly the children, of the pickers working the large coffee growing farms in Nicaragua and the small holder farms in Honduras,” stated Ray Flores of Farmer Brothers Coffee.

The initial plan involves collecting supplies to fill two shipping containers — one each from the West Coast (Los Angeles) and the East Coast (New Jersey). One container would be sent to Honduras with the other going to Nicaragua. “We have spent a great deal of time and effort with our origin partners, as well as with other companies, such as Continental Terminals, NYK Line and Hamburg Sued, who are providing free consolidation and shipping to ensure that the donated goods arrive and are distributed where they will do the most good. We want to particularly thank NYK, Hamburg Sued and Continental Terminals along with all of our partners for their special efforts and contributions,” said Robert Ford of Volcafe USA.

Employees and business partners of the charitable consortium will work for the next eight weeks collecting articles and goods for shipment to the coffee pickers’ families by mid-June. Farmer Brothers in California and Continental Terminals in New Jersey will provide the bi-coastal collection points for consolidation of all the donations prior to final shipment. Any and all individuals, businesses and others interested in participating can deliver or ship items mentioned above through Farmer Brothers and/or Continental Terminals. Items for donation should be delivered to the collection points, labeled “Coffee Families Helping Coffee Families,” until June 1, 2007, when the collection period ends.

In Honduras, the exporter Molinos de Honduras (part of the E.D. & F. Man / Volcafe group) working along with members of the local Rotary Club in Honduras, will distribute the donated goods to ensure that all of the items are given directly to the people that need them most.

Similarly, in Nicaragua, CISA Exportadora (a member of the Mercon Coffee group) will work with the American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF) in Nicaragua to distribute goods once they arrive.

For West Coast Deliveries: Farmer Bros. Co., 20333 S. Normandie Ave., Torrance, California 90502. For any questions, contact Jim Vigneau at jvigneau@farmerboscousa.com. Tel: +1 (310) 787-5493.

For East Coast Deliveries: Continental Terminals, Inc., River Terminal – Building 54A, Hackensack, New Jersey 07032. For any questions, contact Robert Ford at Robert@volcafe-usa.com. Tel: +1 (732) 469-9622.

National Coffee Drinking Trends for 2007

Daily market penetration of coffee among American adults surpassed that of soft drinks, restoring coffee’s pre-1990 dominance. The data, which was just released by the National Coffee Association’s (NCA) National Coffee Drinking Trends 2007 market research study, revealed that 57% of American adults drink coffee daily, while 51% consume soft drinks each day. In another major finding, coffee consumption among 18-24 year olds jumped six percentage points in a fourth, consecutive annual increase.

The 2007 data reveal that consumption among the age group has soared from 16% in 2004 to 37% in 2007. “Coffee is experiencing a new Renaissance,” said Robert F. Nelson, president and c.e.o. of the National Coffee Association. “Coffee is gaining a higher profile among American consumers, as they enjoy an expanding menu of options amid an exploding café culture.”

In other data, 2007 overall consumption by American adults tied last year’s record of 82%, which had risen from 80% in 2005 and 79% in 2004. Weekly consumption for 2007 came in just under the 2006 record high, 67% versus 68%, but remained ahead of 2005’s 64%.

All of the increase in 2007 within daily consumption occurred in regular coffee, for which daily consumption increased to 48% from 47% last year. Daily consumption of gourmet coffee beverages softened to 14% from 2006’s 16%, with subsets espresso-based beverages off by one percentage point from last year to 6%, and gourmet coffee down to 8% from 10% in 2006. While these numbers suggest trending toward increased traditional coffee consumption, how Americans define “gourmet” — given the wider variety of coffee options available in the marketplace –– may impact the responses behind the numbers.

Since 1950, the National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) study has been conducted by the National Coffee Association. The NCDT is the only study of its kind to track American coffee consumption trends over a five-decade period. The survey is based on a nationwide random-telephone survey conducted annually. The full report is now available.

The National Coffee Association of U.S.A., Inc. (NCA), established in 1911, is a leading trade organization for the coffee industry in the U.S. NCA is the only trade association that serves all segments of the U.S. coffee industry, including traditional and specialty companies. A majority of NCA membership, which accounts for over 90% of U.S. coffee commerce, are small and mid-sized companies and include growers, roasters, retailers, importer/exporters, wholesaler/suppliers, and allied industry businesses.

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