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Elmeco's Slush Dispensing Refill System
Elmeco has unveiled its newly developed Refill System, a fully integrated slush dispensing system designed to handle high customer demand for slush and sorbets.

The system consists of the First Class 3 slush machine in the three-bowl version, fitted with a minimum level probe and an automatic refill system. It also features an NC3 refrigerator which has three bowls and is located inside a steel trolley with lockable wheels. The refrigerator mixes the ingredients and keeps them refrigerated at all times; and each of its bowls is connected to one of the First Class containers by a pump which transfers the product from the refrigerator to the slush machine when the contents of a container fall below minimum level. This, in turn, minimizes preparation time and enables operators to meet continuous heavy demand for slushes and sorbets, states the company.

The First Class 3 slush machine's containers can hold up to 36 liters and the NC3 refrigerator's containers can hold another 36 liters. The Refill System can be purchased whole or in individual units, starting with the First Class 3 slush machine and then adding the NC3 Refrigerator, transfer pumps, and steel trolley.

Elmeco srl, 80025 Casandrino (Napoli), Via Circumvallazione esterna, 12, Uff. Commerciali. Tel: (081) 5055742, Fax: (081) 5055726, E-mail: elmeco@mbx.idn.it

Royal Enterprises Launches Consumer Coffee Cleaning Product
Royal Enterprises, Inc., the makers of Urnex¨ Brand professional cleaning products, have unveiled Cleancafª, a cleaner and descaler for home use.

Cleancafª can be used to clean home coffee brewers and home espresso machines, states the company; it breaks down coffee oils, eliminates coffee stains, and dissolves mineral deposits left by hard water. Odorless and non-toxic, the cleaner works by mixing one packet of it with four cups of warm water and pouring it into the machine for brewing. It can also be used to clean tea pots, glassware, stainless steel, porcelain, and ceramic tile.

One box of Cleancafª contains three packages. "Our packaging is designed to help the consumer understand how to use the product," states Josh Dick, vice president, Royal Enterprises, "and we are excited for our new customers to taste the freshness that using Cleancafª provides."

Royal Enterprises, Inc., 170 Ludlow St., Yonkers, New York 10705. Tel: (914) 963-2042, Fax: (914) 963-2145, E-mail: info@urnex.com

New Autosteamª by ESI
Espresso Specialists, Inc. (ESI) has unveiled a new Autosteamª feature on the Frank Ecolino espresso machine. This new feature, states the company, automatically shuts off the flow of steam when the preset milk temperature is reached.

"We spent a lot of time on this new steam wand," says Joe Monaghan, company vice president. "It's a whole new concept for the automatic espresso machine. We did some initial research on fully automatic espresso machine users and found that they wanted more choices in preparing steamed milk for their customers' beverages. So, instead of having the machine prepare the whole beverage, dispensing only one type of milk into the cup, the operator now has the freedom to customize the beverage by steaming milk to the customer's taste."

The new feature uses a stainless steel temperature sensor that is installed at, and slightly protrudes from, the tip of the steam wand. The programmable temperature setting allows the operator to steam milk between 145º and 160ºF.

The Ecolino can deliver 60 or more shots of espresso in an hour, and steam 1/2 liter of milk to 160º in 30 seconds. It's compact size (only 13" wide) makes it great for anywhere space is at a premium.

Espresso Specialists, Inc., 4544 Leary Way Northwest, Seattle, Washington 98107. Tel: (206) 784-9563, Fax: (206) 784-9582, E-mail: ESI@esi-online.com, Website: www.esi-online.com

Tea & Coffee - June/July 2000


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