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Brazil Forms Roasted Coffee Evaluation Group

Brazil - The Sao Paulo Coffee Industry Union (Sindicafé), following a resolution recently passed by the Sao Paulo Secretary of Agriculture which established quality standards for roasted coffees, have announced the formation of a group of specialists for the evaluation of roasted coffee products. It is called GAC (Grupo de Avaliacao de Café).

The specialists, recognized coffee trade experts, will work under the coordination of Eliaba Relvas Almeida, Food Engineer and Head of the Coffee Preparation Center of Sindicafé.

Samples of roasted coffees being used by restaurants, public organizations, etc., or sold in supermarkets may be submitted to the GAC panel for evaluation. The samples will be “blind tested” and evaluated in a scale of zero to 10 for all the various quality characteristics of aroma and taste. A certificate will be issued with the GAC evaluation and the principal attributes of the coffee.

The Sao Paulo Coffee Union believes the GAC evaluation is particularly important at the moment when there is a wide variety of coffee qualities on the local market.

The objectives of the GAC service have been defined as follows:

  • To attend the increasing demand of consumers for different coffees and of higher quality

  • To assure the trade of acquiring products of well defined quality at right prices

  • To promote the sector of coffees of higher quality in deference to inferior qualities.

  • To permit institutional users to know the differences in quality and gain more by offering a better product.

  • To spread the word about quality coffees to the various channels of distribution.
The basic objectives of the GAC promotion are to educate the Brazilian consumer to quality differences and and hopefully to increase domestic consumption so important at this time of surplus production. -Harry C. Jones
German Coffee “To Go”
Germany - “Coffee to go” has arrived in Germany from across the Atlantic, reports New Europe. “Five or certainly 10 years ago it was much more normal to sit in a café for several hours than it is nowadays,” says Joann, who works in a central Berlin coffee bar owned by the Canadian coffee and bakery chain Tim’s. “There is trend towards a more fast-paced life. But people still act surprised when you ask if the coffee is to go. You mean I can take it with me?” they ask.

The German Coffee Association says the number of coffee bars in Germany offering takeaway coffee has reached more than 400 in the past few years, and that number is set to grow even more rapidly. Certainly the U.S. is the model for continental Europe’s new “coffee to go” culture: each of the new café bars offers bagels, muffins, etc. to go with the coffee. In fact, one of the new half-dozen café bar chains that have emerged in the city over the past four or five years even calls itself “Coffee To Go.”

India Tea Exports Fall
India - India’s tea exports fell over 13% in 2001 compared to the previous year and has continued the downtrend in January 2002 with a 23% fall over the same month last year, the state-run Tea Board said, “Exports in January 2002 were 10.9m kg compared to 14.15m kg in the same month in 2001,” a Tea Board official said. Tea exports from India, the world’s largest tea producer, have suffered due to fierce competition from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and lower demand from traditional buyers such as Russia and Britain.

Tea production, which rose slightly on a year-on-year basis in 2001, was 19.1 m kg in January, down over 8% from 20.8m kg during the same period last year, said the official, who did not want to be identified.

The Indian Tea Association said in January that it was eyeing the market in Afghanistan to increase its exports. Tea exports from India, which stood at 179.8m kg last year, have the potential to grow to 270m kg by ’06, consulting firm. Accenture said in a report late in January.

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