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Welcome to Rome!

The time has finally arrived for the 2003 Tea & Coffee World Cup in Rome: June 15 - 17 (for more info, visit www.tcworldcup.com). This is our magazine’s sixth Symposium & Exhibition so far. To date we have held many successful World Cups in Vienna (1994 and 1997), Barcelona (1999), Amsterdam (2001), and Kuala Lumpur (2002) - and now we’ve organized a great show in Rome.

Rome could not have been a more obvious choice - one that perhaps we should have made earlier when selecting locations. Espresso flows freely in this enchanting city - the birthplace of espresso and the coffee bar. It is a concept that has evolved over the years to change the face of the global coffee industry, making coffee a fashionable beverage in many nations.

We hold our Exhibition & Symposiums in order to bring the global tea and coffee industries together to discuss the future of the industry and to help trade members prepare for what is to come. Our Exhibition floor boosts over 200 companies, which will be displaying their wares and services including green coffee, retail store supplies, processing, roasting and packing equipment and much more. Everything useful to tea and coffee businesses will be available on this exhibition floor.

Nearly 40 speakers have set aside the time and expense to help us deliver informative and educational tea and coffee Symposiums. A large role in this year’s Coffee Symposium is being played by several coffee organizations. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) will present the Positively Coffee Program, designed to educate the industry about coffee’s many positive attributes and how we can apply them in promoting our business. The Italian Coffee Committee (COMICAFE) will conduct an Espresso Export Product Program, and the Italian National Espresso Institute (INEI) of Italy will be conducting a very special interactive seminar on brewing and serving a classic Italian espresso. We are indebted to these associations for the wealth of knowledge and expertise they bring to our World Cup show. Our Tea Symposium will focus on the latest information available from tea producers, finding new consumers, and opening retail shops and salons.

We expect that this event will give the industry ample opportunity to celebrate the positives and joys of our industry, motivating us all to take on the challenge of disseminating them. We thank all our speakers for articulating their passion for us.

We invite you all to come and enjoy our Tea & Coffee World Cup in Rome.

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - June/July, 2003

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