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Wake Up and Smell the JavaJot Pens!

Scented Pens has released a line of coffee-scented pens, including espresso and flavored coffees Hazelnut, Amaretto, Caramel, Irish Cream and Raspberry Mocha, French Vanilla. Each scented pen features a custom blended fragrance embedded into the pen’s rubberized grip. Sealed in a stylish “Stay Fresh Pen Case” to better retain its fragrance during periods of inactivity, the pen fully reveals its particular aroma when removed.

Each Java Jot is brass barreled, refillable, and can be customized with the name or other identifying information of a coffee retailer, coffee industry supplier or organization. A custom imprinted Java Jot is an effective advertising vehicle both as a retail and specialty advertising item.

Scented Pens, 26665 Eureka Rd., Taylor, Missouri 48180. Tel: (1)(734) 941-2495, Fax: (1)(734) 941-3502, E-mail: sales@scentedpens.com, Web site: www.scentedpens.com.

Perfect Cappuccino Art

Finum’s Cappuccino Art stencils are the easy, neat way to make beautiful, impressive designs on top of your customers’ beverages. These special touches make the customer feel special, like it was money well spent ….and keep them coming back for more. Cappuccino Art from Finum comes in a set of four stencils with handles, made of polypropylene.

Riensch & Held GmbH & Co. KG, P.O. Box 80 05 47, 21005 Hamburg. Tel: (49) 40 73 42 40, Fax: (49) 40 73 42 41 00, E-mail: info@finum.com, Web site: www.finum.com.

Cowgirl Coasters and Funky Napkins

Cowgirl Coasters from Accoutrements are the perfect place for your customers to set down their own beverage at home. Each set includes four 4” X 4”, cork-backed coasters featuring pictures of cowgirls posing with their trusty steeds.

Accoutrements also offers funky 5” X 5” beverage napkins, and many other fun items. Accoutrements is a Seattle-based wholesaler of toys, gifts, affordable art and classic novelties.

Accoutrements, P.O. Box 30811, Seattle, Washington 98113. Tel: (425) 349-3838, Fax: (425) 349-5188, E-mail: info@accoutrements.com, Web site: www.accoutrements.com.

Play CoffeeHouseMusic for Your Customers

CoffeeHouseMusic.com now offers six CDs created by incredible independent artists. The CDs are made available to coffee houses, cafes, restaurants, and gift stores, to play and sell to customers. Each CD contains music that is new and unknown to catch people off guard, stimulate curiosity, and generate sales.

Scott Clark, President of CoffeeHouseMusic.com, stated: “There’s magic in hearing a great song for the first time and with Coffee House Music, Cafes and Coffee Shops can bring this magic to their customers. It forces people to inquire, which creates an environment where our CDs sell themselves.”

Titles currently in release and in stores now include “Coffee House Music - Female Artists,” “Coffee & Guitars,” “Coffee & Jazz,” “Coffee & Soft Rock”, and more to be released this year.

Coffee House Music, 30 Compton Way, Hamilton, New Jersey 08690. Tel: (1)(609) 689-1711, Fax: (609) 683-0991, E-mail: info@CoffeeHouseMusic.com, Web site: CoffeeHouseMusic.com.

Tea & Coffee - June/July, 2004
Tea & Coffee's Business Classifieds!


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