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Two Great Men Pass On

Please take a moment to celebrate the lives of two great men with me — James Patrick Quinn and Reg Butler — who have recently passed.

James Patrick Quinn was the former Owner, Editor and Publisher of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, originally hired by its founding editor, William Ukers. He served the magazine with expertise and enthusiasm for over 25 years.

Quinn was known as a caring man who liked to help people in the industry. In fact, anyone looking for a start or a source in the industry knew to call Jim, who had cultivated a reputation for offering valuable guidance.

Quinn was a no-nonsense kind of man and was always sharp to call the industry to task. He had his heated disagreements with coffee associations and shared great leadership ideas with the tea association. He assisted Donald Schoenholt when Don first started up the Specialty Coffee Association, and led many individuals into successful careers — including myself. In actuality, Jim thwarted two association presidents’ attempts to fire me, shielding me as we walked through many a political mine.

To his merit, Quinn also authored the “Scientific Marketing of Coffee,” was the coffee contributor for Encyclopedia Britannica, and was a former Professor of Marketing at New York University. I shared five years of my career with him until he sold the publication to the Lockwood family in 1984. Jim worked with his lovely wife, Maura, who acted as Circulation Manager and predeceased him. I owe this man so much for giving me my dream job and the opportunity to work with all the amazing minds in the tea and coffee industry.

I also had the good fortune of meeting one of the magazine’s most knowledgeable and respected correspondents, Reg Butler, when the Lockwood family first purchased Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. He had been the U.K. representative for Lockwood’s tobacco magazines and ended up traveling extensively for our publication, covering up-to-the-minute news and the latest trends in Europe.

Reg exemplified what it means to be a gentleman. He understood and respected all of the various editors’ wishes and really made our jobs easier. Reg attended all of our Tea & Coffee World Cup shows and, with in-depth expertise in so many subjects, enhanced the value of our magazine by writing countless articles on so many varying themes. Reg also penned several travel books and, in his later years, acted as a tour guide for vacationers. He continued to write for all our journals up until he passed away on March 4th. He will be greatly missed.

Please join me in expressing condolences to their families and loved ones.

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - June, 2007

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