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Waltz into Vienna

As summer approaches and the World Cup Seville comes to a close, I day dream of less hectic days I can spend writing articles, answering emails and finally cleaning off my desk. But before I could get too excited about those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…the next World Cup Europe was announced, and preparation is in full effect.

April 25-27, 2010 the Tea & Coffee World Cup will return to Vienna, once home to the famously successful 1994 and 1997 Exhibition and Symposiums. For the first time ever, the World Cup Europe will be more than the only exhibition with working equipment on the show floor; it will be more than an outlet for networking and knowledge; it will be a grand coalition between the World Cup and Gast-Wien, an international trade fair for the restaurant, hotel and catering industries. This new collaboration will ensure that all members of the tea and coffee industries will be served: from the HoReCa sectors to suppliers, packers, roasters and distributors. Whether you are a producer, a retail shop owner or something in between, there is no better business decision than attending the World Cup Europe.

With our history and experience at hosting exhibitions comes an unmatched insight. We are aware of the importance of location - choosing Vienna for its tea and coffee culture, unrivaled beauty, but most importantly, it’s central position in Europe, facing North, South, East and West. Easily accessible, The World Cup promises to be a Pan-European event, above and beyond the local or national trade shows.

Our enhanced schedule will include a myriad of choices: from our old favorites like Barista Championships and tea and coffee cuppings to new crowd pleasers such as a tea and coffee product competition. Our two-day symposium will read like a roster of the who’s who in the tea and coffee industries. With topics ranging from market availability and updates to evolving trends and technology, the interactive, educational seminars will enlighten and excite.

If I have learned one thing since taking on the role of Editor, it has been that the majority of us in this field work towards the common goal of bettering the industry. We exchange ideas, form coalitions, link to one another’s websites. We, as a whole, aim to improve the conditions at origin, strive to increase quality in the cup and maintain a demand for two of the world’s most widely consumed beverages. Nowhere more than the Tea & Coffee World Cup Europe is this dedication and commitment more apparent.

Alexis Rubinstein


Tea & Coffee - June, 2009

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