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AriZona Beverages USDA Certified Green Teas

With a continued respect for organically grown and produced goods, AriZona Beverages announces the launch of a new line of USDA certified organic iced teas. From the pure honey and cane juice that sweetens the beverages to the fruit juices and the antioxidant packed teas, each ingredient is sourced organically. These ready-to-drink green teas are just like homegrown, but can be bought in a local store.

Like all of the AriZona brand beverages, the organic teas contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The AriZona Organic Iced Tea line includes the Arizona cornerstone, Green Tea, as well as Yumberry Green Tea and Pomegranate Green tea. The organic teas are available in 20-oz glass bottles and each organic sip can be savored at only 50 calories per serving.

AriZona Beverages, 644 Linn Street, Suite 318, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203. Tel: +1 (800) 832-3775, Email: info@drinkarizona.com Web: wwww.drinkarizona.com.

Full Circle Coffee Equipment Wash from Urnex

Urnex Brands, Inc. / Puro Caff Group announced the introduction of Full Circle Coffee Equipment Wash. The coffee wash powder is the first of what will be a full portfolio of environmentally responsible products formulated from renewable, sustainable and naturally occurring ingredients.

The Full Circle Brand portfolio will include powder and tablet products for both espresso and filter coffee machines. In addition, Full Circle Milk Wash will be available for use on steam wands, milk systems and dispensers. Each product label ó printed digitally to reduce carbon emissions ó will disclose every ingredient, its source and often a reference to where it can be found in food. The product and all ingredients are both phosphate-free and petroleum-free.

Founded in 1936, Urnex manufactures and distributes its products to more than 55 countries around the world. Urnex Brands, Inc. is proud to offer a portfolio that includes 11 NSF certified products and 5 that are OMRI Listed (Organic Materials Review Institute).

Urnex Brands, Inc. 170 Ludlow Street, Yonkers, New York 10705. Tel: +1 (914) 963-2042, Fax: +1 (914) 963-2145,Email: info@urnex.com Web: www.urnex.com.

Adorning the Art of Tea

Each cup of tea contains a miracle. Pure water hydrates leaves, and we receive delight steaming and fragrant in a cup.

The Tea Pin likewise bestows grace to an everyday act. Scepter-like, the handcrafted pin sits stylishly atop your vessel. Warm brass and a bead finial add ornament to all loose leaf aromatics, from exquisite estate teas to ordinary oolongs.

The Tea Pin is pretty and practical. Placed across a cup or pot, the pin supports a generous infusing pouch. Water circulates, flavors swirl, yet cleanup is a snap.

Stylish, functional, luminous. The Tea Pin is an accessory that as gift, keepsake or kitchen tool embellishes and simplifies the art of tea.

Tulia LLC, P.O. Box 3674, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034. Email: contact@teapin.com Web: www.teapin.com.

Puerh Tea in Bags, Bricks and Bottles from Numi

Numi Tea now offers six ready-to-drink bottled tea blends, including five varieties of Puerh Tea blends and one Rooibos herbal blend. Independent ORAC tests have shown that one serving of Numiís Organic Puerh tea yields 32% higher antioxidant capacity than one serving of hot green tea. Numiís direct relationship with small-scale, Chinese Puerh tea producers has enabled Numi to bring the finest, rarest Puerh teas to consumers.

Numi RTD blends use only 100% real ingredients and is available in Mango Passion Puerh Black Tea, Earl Grey Puerh Black Tea, Magnolia Jasmine Puerh Green Tea, Peach Nectar Puerh Green Tea and Moroccan Mint Puerh Green Tea. In addition, Honey Lemon Roobios Teasan is available as an herbal, caffeine-free option. All the RTD drinks are barely sweetened with a touch of organic honey, agave nectar and/or evaporated cane juice.

Numi will also offer four flavors of organic Puerh in both tea boxes and loose tea. The four flavors are: Organic Emperorís Puerh, Organic Chocolate Puerh, Organic Magnolia Puerh and Organic Mint Puerh.

A true connoisseurís tea, Numi also features an Aged Organic Puerh Brick, which supplies 12 servings, which break off easy for steeping. Each portion can be steeped up to four times, for 48 servings per brick.

Numi, P.O. Box 20420, Oakland, California 94620. +1 (206) 612-8926, +1 (206) 624-8826, Email: customerservice@numitea.com Web: www.numitea.com.

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