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Hamilton Beach Introduces Dual Voltage Brewer
Hamilton Beach Commercial has introduced a new system to the modular brewing system line, the SA250 Dual Voltage Brew Head.

The SA250 is an automatic brew head with a hot water faucet that offers the flexibility of accommodating 120V, 208V, or 240V.

Brewing at higher voltage results in more efficient brewing and instant recovery allows for back-to-back pot brewing. The SA250’s flexibility to switch between voltages enables roasters to minimize inventory and meet varied customer needs, says the company.

Hamilton Beach Commercial, 4421 Waterfront Dr., Glen Allen, Virginia 23060. Tel: (804) 273-9777, Fax: (804) 527-7174.

Ready-To-Drink Cappuccino Icers
To make mixing and serving an icy coffee drink quick and easy, Granito Coffee Works, has developed ready-to-drink (RTU) Cappuccino Icers™ for use in granita machines, without measuring or mixing.

The RTUs are made with real espresso coffee and they make a rich, creamy cappuccino in French Vanilla and Mocha, says the company, and the speed and ease with which they can be prepared makes them ideal for large volume beverage bars, convenience stores, hospitals, colleges, theme parks, ballparks and theaters.

The icers are non-dairy, lactose free, free of cholesterol, and 98% fat-free. They come packed in 32-oz. aseptic packages, requiring no refrigeration, and they ship 12 cartons to a case.

Granito Coffee Works, 6814 Alamo Downs Parkway, San Antonio, Texas 78238. Tel: (210) 684-6363, Fax: (210) 684-6593, E-mail: robeson@flash.net

Lipton Cold Brew Blend
Lipton has unveiled its Cold Brew Blend, teabags that infuse in cold water to brew 100% natural iced tea with the same Lipton taste in only five minutes, states the company.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for more convenient products to fit their hectic lifestyles,” says Virginia Blake West, the company’s director of marketing. “Consumers enjoy real brewed iced tea but don’t have time to make it. Lipton Cold Brew Blend delivers the convenience our consumers crave, while still providing fresh-brewed, great-tasting tea.”

The company developed the black tea blend which naturally infuses in cold tap water in five minutes. The blend is sold in regular and decaffeinated 24-count pitcher-size and 48-count glass-size packages.

Lipton Co., 800 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632. Tel: (201) 894-7845, Fax: (201)894-7098.

Mono’s See-through Tea Service
Throughout Mono Tabletop’s 100-year history, the company has maintained a philosophy of design that combines elegance and simplicity, and its latest line, the Filio tea service, lives up to just that.

The Filio teapot features transparent and heat resistant Duran glass and can hold up to nine cups of tea. It also features a lid, strainer, and wire stand made of stainless steel, and can be used in conjunction with a stainless steel warmer, in which a candle can be placed and on which the teapot rests. The teapot allows for the full steeping process to be viewed; when whole leaf tea is used, it can be seen unfolding and floating around within.

The teapot can be accompanied by a full range of cups, pots, and jugs, all made from the same Duran glass and with same stainless steel wire stands and handles.

Mono Tabletop, 2787 Margaret Mitchell Dr., NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30327. Tel: (404) 352-1201, Fax: (404) 355-6708, E-mail: monotabletop@compuserve.com

Tea & Coffee - July/August 2000
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