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Foodservice operators and roaster/retailers are constantly looking for new, better and more efficient tools for their establishment. This month’s product showcase features many different types of retail equipment available for coffee and tea products.
Oregon Chai Introduces Iced Tea Products

Oregon Chai, a chai category leader, has introduced two new products: Oregon Chai Iced Tea and Oregon Chai Iced Tea with Lemon. These two new concentrates are the first iced teas enhanced with chai spices on the market, says the company.

Oregon Chai Iced Teas feature a blend of black tea and chai spices based on the taste profile consumers love. The new iced teas are mixed with water, offering the light, refreshing qualities of iced tea… perfect for cooling off during the heat of summer. As with all Oregon Chai products, the new iced teas are made with all-natural and organic ingredients.

The Iced Teas come in the same easy-to-use 32 ounce aseptic package Oregon Chai consumers recognize from the company’s chai tea latte “just add milk” concentrate products.

Oregon Chai also introduces a dry chai tea latte mix. Very few instant products exist in the fast-growing chai category. Made with all-natural ingredients, the mix is the first instant chai to enter the natural foods market.

Oregon Chai, Inc., 1745 N.W. Marshall, Portland, Oregon 97209-2424. Tel: (1)(888) 874-2424, Fax: (1)(503) 796-0980.

Gemsugar USA’s New Loose and Single
Serve Packet Boxes

Gemsugar USA, a division of Texas Food Research, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based company, has expanded its herb-colored crystal sugar line to include items packaged for the massive U.S. retail consumer market. Developed by Dr. Foo Swasdee, (Ph.D.-Food Technology/TX A&M Univ), it is made from pure crystallized Thai cane sugar. Various tropical herbs are used to naturally color the sugar crystals giving them a gem-like, elegant appearance. The new sizes include a 24 unit/pack of single-serve packets, as well as loose in a 11.3 oz carton in amber, Zircon and Rainbow colors.

Gemsugar, 3202 West Anderson Lane, Suite 208, Austin, Texas 78757. Tel: (512) 467-9008, Fax: (512) 467-0347, Web site: www.gemsugar.com.

Shangri-La’s Complete Brewing System

No more clutter on the buffet table, no more dragging several different beverage appliances to an event. The Shangri-La: an ultra-versatile beverage-making system that includes coffee-maker, ice-tea brewer and hot water tap all in one convenient and beautifully-designed station is available from the originators of the Shangri-La and China Mist iced tea brands served in restaurants in the U.S.

The stainless steel Shangri-La Multi-Brew keeps beverages hot and fresh for up to 10 hours. The brewer comes with three differently colored brew funnels: black for coffee, translucent (with an automatic steeping restrictor) for iced tea, and white for all other beverages (only water flows through this funnel, so there are no flavor residues). It also comes with separate carafes for each drink to further ensure the purest flavors.

Each Shangri-La Multi-Brew also comes complete with a variety of pre-measured hot and iced teas, coffees and café latte. However, “ the system works wonderfully with any type of coffee or tea,” says NEI president A.J. Neiman, whose Shangri-La and China Mist teas are mainstays of better restaurants across the U.S. and Canada.

Shangri-La Multi-Brew has also been praised as the perfect appliance for energy conscious consumers. The systems never turns “on” until water is dispensed. And because the thermal carafe included with the systems keeps coffee hot for over ten hours, no external heating element is necessary. Also, unlike ordinary coffee brewers, mineral deposits do not form with Shangri-La Multi-Brew, so there’s no need for periodic cleaning with vinegar or other internal cleaners.

Neiman Enterprises, Inc. Cerritos, California 90703. Tel: (800) 540-9115, Web site: www.brew-shangrila.com.

Espresso Drive-Thru

Classic Trolley has been building replica trolley cars and concession trailers for nearly 20 years. More than 100 trolleys and concession trailers are still in service today in San Francisco, Honolulu, Alaska, Guam, Switzerland and many other worldwide locations. The company states, “The vehicles differ from the competition in that we use large quantities of solid oak, marine sealants, automotive paints for a hard, glossy, easy to clean finish and 22 karat gold graphics to get an 1890’s replica look. They say a picture says a thousand words, but there is nothing like touching and feeling the real thing when it comes to this kind of quality.” All the glass in the trolleys is automotive safety glass. Double-decker trolleys are available and easily customized. A choice can be made from Classic Trolley’s standard floor plans and 128 standard colors or the firm can develop a custom floor plan and colors.

Classic Trolley, 836 Mason Way, Medford, Oregon 97501. Tel: 1-800-460-3934, Web site: www.classictrolley.com.

Tea & Coffee - July/August, 2002
Tea & Coffee's Business Classifieds!


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