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The world of tea & coffee is sure venturing in many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Walkers Raises the Bar in Cookies

With Walkers, there is always something brewing in this world famous specialty bakery’s kitchen, and the introduction of this new range of Luxury Scottish Cookies with its distinctive flavors and appeal, stamps the seal of approval. Using the freshest, finest ingredients, the company’s cookies range are: Oatflake and Cranberry Cookies, White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookies, Stem Ginger & Lemon Cookies, and Belgian Chocolate Cookies.

Walkers Shortbread Inc., 170 Commerce Drive, Hauppauge, New York 11788. Tel: (1)(631) 273-0011, Fax: (1)(631) 273-0438, Email: cs@walkersshortbread.com.

More Than Just a Teabag Holder

Who said teabag holders can’t be fun? The Tin Woodsman Pewter Company recently launched a new line of teabag holders. After 20 years of serving and supplying the world of coffee, the company decided to expand its line of tea-related gifts with this introduction, as well their traditional tea scoops, a teapot key rack, and a teapot-shaped Christmas ornaments.

The collection of teabag holders is available in a variety of fun, unconventional designs ranging from a flower, to a cat’s head and a bird. They are made from lead-free pewter.

The Tin Woodsman Pewter Company, 252 Taylor Street, Eugene, Oregon 97402. Tel: (1)(888) 683-1196, Fax: (541) 683-5906, E-mail: info@tinwoodsman.com, Web: www.tinwoodsman.com.

Ito En Offers Tribute to Chinese Tradition

One of the leading artisan of green tea leaves and tea beverages, imports and markets is now offering a limited stock of prized Pu-erh Tea Discs from China. The discs were originally commissioned to commemorate the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997, however they were able to make their long journey to New York. Each one is packaged in a round lacquered box from Vietnam with a letter-pressed description of Italian paper. With the Pu-erh tea, which has a signature, earthy taste history, it makes a unique collector’s item for tea lovers and connoisseurs. “When we first looked at the commemorative discs, we knew we were holding a piece of history. The discs are a perfect example of how deep the tea tradition runs in Asia. It was exactly the kind of tea that we want to bring to our customers in the best way possible,” explains Kai Anderson, Ito En’s marketing manager, “and with the unique story behind this tea, it was essential to present in a equally unique way.”

Ito En Inc., 45 Main Street, Suite 3A, Brooklyn, New York 11201. Tel: (1)(718) 250- 4000, Fax: (1)(718) 246-1325, E-mail: customerservice@itoen.com, Web: www.itoen.com.

Mini-Mug Loyalty Card Stamper

From the makers of the favorite coffee coin, comes the mini-mug card stamper. This is ideal for those shops that use stampers for their loyalty programs, since they can be used on stamp cards, or for those that are enchanted with the coffee coins, these can be used for that as well.

The imprints are a clearly legible 3/16 coffee cup image; which can be stamped-up on any standard inkpad. The turned wood handle also adds to the convenience, since it fits comfortably in your hand and easily lends itself to being attached to a lanyard for safekeeping on countertops.

New Venture Group, 9660 Corn Tassel Court, Columbia, Maryland 21046. Tel: (1)(301) 509-1899, E-mail: NewVentureSales@comcast.net, Web: www.coffeecoin.com.

Coffee Culture and Couture

As with any culture, there needs to be a defined style and flair, and that is what ICANDI Designs plans on bringing to the coffee world. After recently launching the first collection of Java T’s and Mugs at the 2005 Coffee Fest Show, the company has received a resounding approval from many industry experts and vendors.

Designed by Los Angeles-based, Mako Welmers and Felicia Smith, the duo began this career after realizing their common interest in creating a line of t-shirts that would reflect their unique sense of style. The tees are casual, comfortable and classy, with stitching detail and “no-shrinkage” fit.

Icandi Designs, 7030 Kittyhawk Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90045. Tel: (1)(310) 739-0021, E-mail: icandidesigns@aol.com, Web: www.icandidesigns.com.

The Art of Tea

Brewing and preparing tea can be described as an art form, especially with the soothing and tranquil qualities that proceeds from drinking the different flavors. This is the theory that Steve Schwartz, founder of The Art of Tea, wanted to articulate with the development of his herbal concoctions and formulas. In emphasizing the different flavors and stories of each leaf, the company assures an experience unlike no other, with much health benefits to as well. The Art of Tea is certified Kosher, Fair Trade and Organic.

The Art of Tea, LLC, Beverly Hills, California 90211. Tel: (1)(310) 869-3284, Fax: (1)(323) 653-0685, E-mail: info@artoftea.com, Web: www.artoftea.com.

Tea & Coffee - July/August, 2006


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