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Staff Report

Palm trees swaying in the air. Ocean views at every corner. Sun shining down on beautiful streets…and, of course, plenty of cafes. This is what comes to mind when one thinks of Miami, the location for the Tea & Coffee World Cup Americas. This unique combination of exhibits and symposiums, being held on January 9-11, 2008, has been strategically developed as a key business opportunity. With a special focus on the ideas traveling from the fields of Latin America to the roasters and retailers of North America, as well as Europe and Asia. It is the only place you will be able to learn about key global issues shaping the trends of the futures of coffee and tea.

You will also have the chance to form partnerships with businesses in the South Florida. Every sector of this regional market—including transportation, residential and commercial real estate, and luxury goods—has been growing at amazing rates in ways that benefit tea and coffee. The area is home to many different ethnicities, and its population has grown at on of the highest rates in the United States. It is a favorite destination spot for vacationers from around the globe, with tourism accounting for a large percentage of its revenue. It is not only a gateway to the Americas, it is a road to opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

The 2008 Tea & Coffee World Cup Americas is being held on South Beach, the trendiest part of Miami Beach. At any given time, people can be seen enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. A favorite is the Latin-inspired, “cortado,” also known as a few ounces of espresso, mixed with just a bit of steamed milk and preference of sugar to taste. The Latin American influence on Miami can be seen and experienced at every turn in Miami Beach, as well as in Miami and the South Florida region as a whole. This offers a deeper appreciation of coffee, and a more conducive place in which to do business.

Leisure time in South Florida also includes escaping from the heat with a tall glass of refreshing iced tea. Green tea, in particular, is wildly popular at the moment, as are any drinks that promote lifestyles that embrace leisure and luxury. This trend also points to the organic movement sweeping across this health-conscious region. Any business tied to the tea and coffee industries will blend in perfectly in Miami and come away with enormous gains.

The following companies have already signed on to be a part of this powerful meeting of the industry’s top tea and coffee minds. Sign up today by calling 212-391-2060 to exhibit and be a part of this distinctly informative event and join colleagues ready to increase their profits. For more information, visit us online at www.tcworldcup.com/miami.

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