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Spotlight Feature: Coffee
14 Market Update 2010 - Delving into Decaf
At the Tea & Coffee World Cup Vienna, the “Decaf Trends and Technology” panel discussed the future of the decaffeination segment. Here, we recap the panel presentations and interview some of the industry’s top decaffeinators to delve deeper into the world of decaf coffee.
Barbara DuFrene & Alexis Rubinstein

Spotlight Feature: Tea
22 About Tea Blends
With so many variations of single estate grown teas now available to tea importers and consumers worldwide, the pairing of differing teas with one another make the spectrum of tea tastes, appearances and overall character almost infinite. There are hundreds of specialty tea companies creating and selling tea blends directly to the consumer.
By Hartley E. Johnson

28 Can New Aroma Profiles be Created by Changing the Drum Speed?
By Thomas Koziorowski

32 The Power of One: How to Make One Location More Polished Than a Chain
By Lon L. LaFlamme & David J. Morris

36 The Teabag Alternatives
By Alexis Rubinstein

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