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Stearns & Lehman Assigns New Assistant V.P.
Jamie Utendorf has been appointed assistant vice president, business development, at Stearns & Lehman. With her new position, Utendorf will be creating new programs, strategies and other innovative concepts for the Company and its key accounts. Her previous experience in this capacity allows Utendorf to work in collaboration with the Company’s existing management team, further developing Stearns & Lehman’s approach to offer and market a complete portfolio of beverage options, says the company. “I am so excited to be working with Stearns & Lehman,” says Utendorf. “This new job opportunity allows me to combine my past experience in retail product development and marketing with a manufacturer who offers the products to produce endless drink possibilities and marketing concepts for retailers and restaurateurs.” Utendorf started with the company in 1990.

Sterns & Lehman, 30 Paragon Parkway, P.O. Box 1746, Mansfield, Ohio 44901. Tel: (419)522-2722, Fax: (419)522-1152, Toll Free: (800)533-2722, E-mail: S&L@stearns-lehman.com, Web site: www.stearns-lehman.com

Prudential Securities Appoints Senior as V.P.
Judith Ganes has joined Prudential Securities as vice president, investments. “After careful consideration, I have decided that after 15 years of working in a formal research department and being a Senior Softs Commodities Analyst it was time to move to the sales side and will be working closely in conjunction with other established softs commodities desks at Prudential,” Ganes says. “In my new capacity I will be offering execution services in futures and options.” Ganes is committed to bringing her expertise to the sales operations of Prudential Securities. Additionally, she will maintain the database in sugar, coffee, cocoa, cotton and citrus, and will act as business consultant and advisor.

Prudential Securities, 1 New York Plaza, 9th floor, New York, New York, 10292-2001. Tel: (212)778-2569, Fax: (212)778-8849, E-mail: Judith_E_Ganes@prusec.com

Starbucks Promotes its V.P.’s
Shelley Lanza has been promoted to vice president, general counsel, Human Resources, Law & Corporate Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Starbucks Coffee Company. Lanza’s former position with the company was senior vice president, general counsel since 1995. She served as chief legal officer and led the Law & Corporate Affairs department. In her new position Lanza will manage the CSR and the Ethics and Compliance departments. “We could not have found a more qualified, competent individual inside Starbucks or externally to lead the human resources and corporate social responsibility functions,” says Orin Smith, Starbucks president and coo. “Shelley’s exceptional leadership, technical expertise, heart and outstanding people skills are the perfect fit for this new and expanded role.”

Also, Lee Gelb has been appointed to senior vice president, Human Resources. He joined the company in 1997 as director of human resources to support the marketing, communications, and international business units. “Lee was instrumental in developing our international growth while imprinting Starbucks principles and values on partners around the world,” Smith says. “Her broad knowledge in the field of human resources is invaluable as the company continues to grow globally.”

Starbucks Coffee Company, P.O. Box 34067, Seattle, Washington 98124. Tel: (206)318-7438, Toll Free: (800)239-0317, E-mail: hchung@starbucks.com, Web site: www.starbucks.com

Tea & Coffee - August/September 2000
Tea & Coffee's Business Classifieds!


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