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Syrups and sauces - you know they’re not just for coffee any more. But how are the players in the industry keeping up with consumer demand for quality and variety? How are trends in the coffee industry affecting the syrup and sauce companies? How can retailers use syrups and sauces to promote every aspect of their menu - from coffee and tea beverages to cold drinks and cocktails, to entrees and desserts? Following is some insight provided by the manufacturers themselves - an overview of how they’re making their mark and maintaining their position in this ever-expanding segment of the industry. Kate LaPoint reports.

Maral Barsoumian, marketing president
Telephone: (1)(800) 266-7388
Web: www.baristella.com
Number of flavors: 65
Top flavors: French Vanilla, Crema di Vanilla, Hazelnut, Tiramisu, Dulce de Leche Newest or fastest-growing products: Crema di Vanilla, Crema di Caramel, Fiori di Sicilia, Chai Tea syrups
Most popular marketing idea: “Don’t do the same old thing - be creative in your drink menu. Use a combination of syrups for hot drinks, ice-blended and teas. Give your customers a flavor experience and do constant taste tests.”
Recent evolution of customer base: “Restaurants, coffee shops, gourmet and gift shops.” International growth trends: “Global growth is occurring.”
Da Vinci Gourmet, Ltd.
Leanna Mix, assistant marketing manager
Telephone: (1)(800) 640-6779/(206) 768-7401
Web: www.davincigourmet.com
Number of flavors: 120+
Top flavors: Vanilla, Irish Cream, Hazelnut, Caramel, Almond Newest or fastest-growing products: Green Apple, Toasted Hazelnut, Peanut Butter syrups
Most popular marketing idea: “Our Special Edition Flavor program has taken off because it fulfills the need for new taste sensations. We offer unique flavors quarterly, as well as creative recipes and free, colorful POS materials. The operator benefits by having a virtual turnkey promotion set, and subsequently they are perceived as always having something new to offer the customer.”
Recent evolution of customer base: “We continue to see growth in specialty coffee operators, and an exciting trend in increases in existing business - Da Vinci customers are showing more sales in flavored beverages. At the front of the counter, their customers have become more vocal in their preferences, and we are seeing an increase in purchases for use in the home. Whether it’s through a café’s retail shelf, the grocery aisle, or online through our interactive web site, more people want to bring their favorite flavor home.”
International growth trends: “In June, 2002, Da Vinci Gourmet received the President’s ‘E’ Award for Excellence in Exporting. The award illustrates how we have introduced flavors into new and emerging markets, supported growth through our creative marketing, and become experts in adapting to the import regulations of more than 54 countries. The Asian market is adding a great deal of energy to flavored menus, and the Middle East café industry is growing rapidly as well.”
Entner-Stuart Premium Syrups
Dan Rogers, sales and marketing manager
Telephone: (1)(800) 377-9787/(541) 812-8012
Web: www.entnerstuartsyrups.com
Number of flavors: 32
Top flavors: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Peach, Java Trio
Newest or fastest-growing products: Java Trio Concentrate, 100% Hawaiian Sugar Cane Liquid sweetener
Most popular marketing idea: “The most popular marketing strategy that we have employed for our retail customers is a regular sampling program. Getting the consumer to understand what it is that is in the bottle and what they can do with it is an ongoing process of education.” Recent evolution of customer base: “We have seen a steady movement toward quality in all aspects of our sales. Consumers are looking for a way to differentiate coffee retailers from the competition. Our customers have found they can do that by providing a high quality product for a reasonable price.”
International growth trends: “Saudi Arabia has shown the most growth over the last year. This ties back to the gravitation toward quality. Saudi Arabia selects only the finest products to import and we have been fortunate to be part of the expansion of their specialty coffee market.”
Folklore Foods, Inc.
Daniel Hanson, c.e.o.
Telephone: (1)(509) 865-4772
Web: Under Construction
Number of flavors: 78
Top flavors: French Vanilla, Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Irish Cream
Newest or fastest-growing products: Almond Toffee Crunch, Caramel Corn, Sugar-Free Huckleberry syrups
Most popular marketing idea: “Generally, our dealings are with distributors who have a better idea of what works well for their customers. We do provide recipes and POS materials, such as table tents to promote the syrups.”
Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
Dan Bush, marketing
Telephone: (1)(800) 877-9338/(510) 297-2606
Web: www.ghirardelli.com
Number of flavors: 3
Top flavors: Chocolate, White Chocolate, Caramel
Newest or fastest-growing products: Caramel syrup
Most popular marketing idea: “Free Squares Promotion - offer a free Ghirardelli Square with the purchase of any mocha.”
International growth trends: “Europe, especially Germany and the U.K., Australia and a little growth in Asia.”
Guittard Chocolate Co.
Mark Spini, sales and marketing
Telephone: (1)(800) 468-2462/(650) 697-4427
Web: www.guittard.com
Number of flavors: 3
Top flavors: Sweet Ground Chocolate flavored syrup, Sweet Ground White Satin syrup, Rich & Creamy Caramel syrup
Newest or fastest-growing products: Rich & Creamy Caramel syrup
Most popular marketing idea: “Sample, sample, sample - we need to get the product in in the person’s mouth because taste has memory.
Recent evolution of customer base: “We are seeing the most growth in existing chocolate users who want to upgrade their quality offerings. Better quality products are being sold all the time because the consumers are demanding it. As the consumer is becoming more educated about quality, all industries must follow suit.”
International growth trends: “Mexico, India, and Korea have been the fastest growing international markets for us. Everybody is looking to the US for quality American products.”
Monin, Inc.
Gael Ollard, international marketing manager
Telephone: (1)(800) 966-5225/(727) 461-3033
Web: www.monin.com
Number of flavors: 66
Top flavors: Vanilla, Raspberry, Hazelnut, Caramel, Irish Cream
Newest or fastest-growing products: Roasted Chestnut, Toasted Almond Mocha, Watermelon, Green Apple, Rose, Violet syrups
Most popular marketing idea: “Monin recipe contest.”
Recent evolution of customer base: “Coffee shops are no longer the only places where it is possible to find a good cup of coffee. Foodservice operators are now looking at syrups for coffee applications and beyond. Not to mention consumers are expecting quality and variety in coffee beverages everywhere - from airports and hotels to upscale and family restaurants.”
International growth trends: “We are trading in 78 countries around the world. Our best markets for coffee include the U.S., U.K., Australia, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan and of course France.”
Mont Blanc Gourmet
Michael Szyliowicz, chocolatier
Telephone: (1)(303) 399-1616
Web: www.montblancgourmet.com
Number of flavors: 5
Top flavors: Sweet Dark Chocolate, Kahlua, Caramel, Semisweet Chocolate, White Chocolate
Newest or fastest-growing products: Kahlua Chocolate syrup
Most popular marketing idea: “Co-branding with Kahlua and taking advantage of the strong Kahlua name and brand recognition has worked very well for us and our customers.”
International growth trends: “International growth is increasing every month. Europe, South America and the Far East are where we see the most dramatic growth.”

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