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Get the Anteadote!

Adagio Teas introduces Anteadote, an exclusive product that marries the convenience of bottled tea with the sophistication of its gourmet full-leaf variety. Water, tealeaves and vitamin C are the only ingredients. The results are fresh-brewed flavor and abundance of health benefits.

Anteadote is made with a progressive bottling process developed in Japan. Oxygen is extracted from each bottle, preventing oxidation - the cause of food spoilage. With oxygen gone, so is the need to laden the product with artificial additives or preservatives, common ingredients in many bottled teas on the market today. The result is a product that is as pure as freshly brewed tea.

Anteadote is not made from powder or liquid concentrates. It infuses fresh Chinese green tea with pure water. The advantages of this go beyond great taste. Recent studies show that the health benefits of tea prepared with fresh leaves are more abundant than those of teas made from concentrate.

Adagio Teas, 1500 Main Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07011. Tel: (1)(973) 253-7400 x114, Fax: (1)(973 ) 253-6336, E-mail: wholesale@adagio.com, Web site: www.adagio.com.

"Sip and Go"- to the Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea answers the call of consumer demand with their innovative new line of no carb, no calorie, and unsweetened Sip and Go Bottled Iced Teas, available now. Distinctive and curvaceous 12-oz. plastic bottles feature nine delightful flavors in four standout tea varietals. Each blend is masterfully brewed using organic tea leaves (black, green, white and red) and all-natural ingredients.

The Sip and Go Bottled Iced Tea line offers clean, naturally crafted teas - ideal for individuals seeking a convenient, healthful alternative to common colas, sodas and soft drinks.

The Republic of Tea Sip and Go Bottled Iced Teas offerings include: Black Tea Varietals including Blackberry Sage, Raspberry Quince, Ginger Peach Decaf, Republic Ceylon; Green Tea Varietals including Passion fruit and Pink Lemonade; White Tea Varietals including Orange Blossom, Honeydew, and Red Tea (Rooibos) Varietal in Capetown Tropical.

The Republic of Tea, 8 Digital Drive, Suite 100, Novato, CA 94949. Tel: (1)(415) 382-3400, Fax: (1)(415) 382.3401, E-mail: customersatisfaction@republicoftea.com, Web site: www.republicoftea.com.

What Do You Want to "Acheiv"?

Whether you’re at the office, pre-gym, post-trial, or on the go, sometimes we need a little pick-me-up. Coffee works. Coffee with protein is better. AchievONE a buzz with substance, a boost when you need it most.

Whether your clients are on a low carb, high protein diet or just in need of a healthier cup of coffee, achievONE, the new nutritional coffee beverage is available in four delicious flavors, Cappuccino, Vanilla, Hazelnut and Mocha.

Consumers can enjoy the creamy, rich flavor from a coffee drink minus the high fat and sugar contained in most coffee beverages. AchievONE is a unique blend of premium coffee with 20 grams of protein, only 5 gram of carbs, no fat and 19 essential vitamins and minerals.

AcheivOne/Skylar Haley, 6601 Koll Center Pkway, Suite 205, Pleasanton, California 94566, Tel: (1)(925) 600-9397, Fax: (1)(925) 600-9357, E-mail: maggi@skylarhaley.com, Web site: www.skylarhaley.com.

Tea & Coffee - August/September, 2004


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