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The world of tea & coffee is expanding into many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Book Review: Tea Parties with a Celtic Touch

“Celtic Teas with Friends: Teatime Traditions from Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland & Wales,” written by Elizabeth Knight, is available through Benjamin Press.

Did you know the Scots invented the tearoom? Many long established customs originated in Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall and Wales. Elizabeth Knight, an author and lecturer on tea and entertaining, explores Celtic teatime traditions in the second title of her popular Tea with Friends series, Celtic Teas with Friends.

Celtic Teas with Friends is illustrated and includes a month-by-month tea party planning guide drawn from both time-honored and contemporary Celtic celebrations. Each of the 13 party plans includes historical anecdotes, menus, recipes, decorating tips, music ideas and activity suggestions to make each event unforgettable.

Benjamin Press, P.O. Box 100 Perryville, Kentucky 40468. Tel: +1(859) 332-2400, Web: www.benjaminpress.com.

Braswell’s “Special Teas”

Braswell Food Company, a producer of specialty and gourmet condiments, introduced Braswell’s Select Special Teas. Made with all natural and/or organic ingredients and packaged in reusable European glassware, Braswell’s ready-to-drink Special Teas will soon be available in 11-fl. oz. glasses at specialty retailers.

Braswell’s Special Teas flavors include: All Natural: Vanilla Chai Tea, Watermelon Raspberry White Tea and Pomegranate Passion Red Tea; Organic: Pomegranate Blackberry Tea, Peach Pomegranate Green Tea, Raspberry Red Tea and Wild Berry White Tea.

A.M. Braswell Jr. Food Co., 226 N. Zetterower Ave., Statesboro, Georgia 30458. Tel: +1(912) 764 6191, E-mail: customerservice@braswells.com, Web: www.Braswells.com.

The China Tea Tour

Sponsored by World Tea Tours, the China Tea Tour, Tracing the Silk Road provides a tea-themed adventure. Guided by tea experts, travel across China to the most important tea areas.

The tour takes place July 5-25, 2009, and will visit tea gardens, factories, museums, markets, trading companies, teahouses and a research center in addition to numerous cultural and scenic spots. The tour allows participants to partake in tea tastings, tea ceremony training, lectures and to pick and make their own tea.

Production methods for green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, Pu Erh, Lapsand Souchong and compressed tea cakes will be available for study. Sights include the Great Wall, Ancient Tea Tree, Shanghai, modern Taiwan and much more.

World Tea Tours, 24260 Graver Lane Naperville, Illinois, 60564. Tel: +1(630) 961-0877, Web: www.theteahouse.com.


Coffeenies are a new character property available for licensing. These come in plush pals, magnets, key chains and more. Each Coffeenie is shaped like a coffee bean and is scented with coffee fragrances. There are over 20 different Coffeenie characters (stuffed toys) to choose from. Custom designs and animations are available as well.

Coffeenies, 141 SE Twelfth St. Pompano Beach, Florida 33060. Tel: +1(954) 744-6152, E-mail: coffeenie@aol.com, Web: www.coffeenies.com.

Té teas

Té teas has introduced new blossom teas. These white teas contain handcrafted rosettes of Silver Needle white tea and flowers, which unfold and can be re-infused. There are four new flavors being produced; Snowy Pearls, Jasmine Dream, Lily Blossom and Dancing Flower.

Té teas has created a new whole leaf teabag. The pyramid-shaped bags are transparent and made of a special mesh material. No staples are used, thus preventing oxidation and loss of flavor, according to the company.

Té Teas, 611 Taylor Way Unit 3, San Carlos, California 94070. Tel: +1(650) 592-3108, Fax: +1(650) 654-2699, E-mail: info@teteas.com, Web: www.teteas.com.

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