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World Cup ASIA

Hyderabad, India
November 20-22, 2008
By Katherine McCabe

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This year’s Tea & Coffee World Cup/ASIA is being held in Hyderabad, India. It will take place November 20-22, 2008 at the newly constructed HITEX Exhibition Center. Hyderabad is located in inner India, positioned on the Deccan Plateau. The city is home to approximately 10 million people and is the second largest in the nation. Hyderabad is also the capital of the Indian state Andhra Pradesh.

Hyderabad was originally founded on the Musi River but has grown to encompass a large metropolitan area. The city has a tropical wet and dry climate, boasting warm, dry winters from November to February. Now the highly developed area is one of India’s largest Information Technology (IT) cities. The IT industry has been advancing and consuming the society of India but their culture still prevails in the modernized society. Hyderabad has been historically viewed as the city where the unique linguistic and cultural traditions of North and South India meet. The culture encompasses ancient Hindu traditions and Islamic culture in a mixture forming a new distinctive culture.

The IT Industry has expanded to form HITECH City. HITECH City is a township with state-of-the-art facilities that prompt IT companies to begin operations in the city. The industry has grown so rapidly that Hyderabad has been referred to as India’s Second Silicon Valley, and nicknamed “Cyberabad.” The city is the Asian home to many Fortune 500 companies. This year’s symposium will be taking place at the HITEX Exhibition Center, the corporate hub of HITECH City. HITEX is also India’s most modern exhibition center.

Hyderabad is a beautiful city that has much to offer once the World Cup has come to a close. The highly advanced city is the geographical center of India and has many opportunities that should be taken advantage of after the symposiums and exhibitions. Hyderabad has often been called the “city of Pearls” due to its cherished pearls and their famed luster. There are various palaces, shopping, museums and fine dining that justify the cultural wealth that India has to offer.

Hyderabad is home to many beautiful gardens and a 300-acre zoo. The Public Gardens, Botanical Gardens and Lumbini Park are other lovely sights for those wishing to experience the nature of India. Lumbini Park is also home to the Lumbini Laserium. The Laserium is a laser light show that combines a musical fountain to depict and tell the history of Hyderabad. The NTR Gardens is home to many attractions including vintage cars, a water slide and a monorail system. Hyderabad is full of beautiful palaces and museums that are worth a visit. Built in 1591 by the city’s founder, Mohammed Quli Qutb Mahal, the Charminar is the staple of Hyderabad. The architecture can be viewed from the outside for a breathtaking view. At night the Charminar monument is illuminated. Also in the evenings, a sound and light show takes place at the Golconda Fort. This unique show takes visitors back in time through a narration of the fort’s past glories. Also worth a visit is the Mecca Masjid, a mosque lined by 15 arches on three sides. The mosque in the center holds the members of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. The tombs of the Qutb Shahi kings also reside in Hyderabad. The tombs, built in Persian, Pathan and Hindu architectural styles, are the only tombs in the world where an entire dynasty has been buried together.

India is home to Snow World, the World’s largest indoor snow theme park. Developed by the inventors of Ocean World, an indoor surfing theme park, Snow World offers a snow filled environment at a temperature of 23°F. Tickets are priced at Rs 250, approximately $6.00, for people over 4.5’ in height. Hyderabad also features many museums throughout the city. The Salar Jung Museum holds one of the largest one-man collections of antiques. Other interesting museums include the Andhra Pradesh State Archaeological Museum and the Nizam’s Silver Jubilee Museum.

Hyderabad is located in a part of India that is easily accessible from the rest of the world. Opened in March 2008, Hyderabad boasts Asia’s most modern airport, underscoring the city’s emergence as a regional business, hi-tech and transportation center. The airport currently has a capacity of 12 million passengers per year, increasing to 40 million by 2015. Hyderabad also has a light rail transportation system called the MultiModal Transport System. This train system along with the suburban railway connect rail and road transport for commuters. The MMTS connects to all major parts of the city. The main station at Nampally provides connectivity to all other parts of the state and country. There is a planned Hyderabad Metro system set to begin construction in August 2008.

Hyderabad is a great location to attract the international attention that makes a successful Tea & Coffee World Cup. The city brings together international communication with many Indian companies in cooperation to discuss the tea and coffee industry. Hyderabad will prove to be the perfect place for the 2008 Tea & Coffee World Cup.

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