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BODUM Reinvents a Classic
BODUM has introduced the Electric Santos - a reinvention of the 1950s classic coffee maker. Carsten Jorgenson, head of BODUM design, took on the challenge of bringing this concept of coffee brewing to todays coffee consumers. Unlike the old vacuum machine of the 50s, the BODUM Electric Santos has been updated technologically to allow coffee drinkers to control the temperature and the brewing time electronically, in a closed brewing system.

BODUM says that the Electric Santos is easy to use: (1) simply fill the lower carafe with the desired amount of cold water and place it on the power base, (2) fit the upper carafe securely into the lower carafe and place measured ground coffee in the upper carafe, (3) put on the lid, (4) push the on button. The water will heat the lower carafe and rise through a funnel into the upper carafe to mix with the ground coffee. This brews the coffee and creates a vacuum in the lower carafe, so when the lower carafe is empty, the hot-brewed coffee trickles back down into the lower carafe, ready to serve.

BODUM, Kantonsstrasse 100, Postfach 463, CH-6234 Triengen, Switzerland, Tel: +41 41 935 45 00, Fax: +41 41 935 45 80, Web site: www.bodum.com.

Tea-n-Crumpets has been wholesaling crumpets and their accompanying spreads to grocery stores, natural foods, and specialty stores throughout California and the Mid-Atlantic states as well as various cafes, tearooms and B&Bs.

Their Crumpets are made from 100% organic flour, and contain no fats, dairy, sugar, oils, or cholesterol and avarage approximately 80 calories per Crumpet. There is no need to slice: just pop it in the toaster, spread on a topping, and voila! A well-made Crumpet should be crunchy on the outside and spongy on the inside. It is smooth on the bottom, holey on the top, and pocketed with craters inside just waiting to soak up delectable toppings.

Crumpets are made without preservatives and can be refrigerated or frozen for a longer shelf life. The Crumpets can be frozen, refrigerated, or simply displayed on the bread shelf in a grocery store, natural foods, or specialty store.

The Preserves are old fashioned style, with big berries in every bite. Available flavors: Blackberry, Boysenberry, Gooseberry, Loganberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry.

Their Lemon Curd is the of English style and flavor, with a California twist: It is made with organically grown lemons, and includes no artificial flavors or preservatives. It is hand-made in small batches to maintain utmost quality and freshness.

Tea-n-Crumpets, 1105 E. Francisco Blvd., Unit #4, San Rafael, California 94901. Tel: (415) 457-2495, Fax: (415) 457-1893, Web site: www.tea-n-crumpets.com.

Mamma Says
Mamma Says Inc is a baking company that specializes in confectionary Italian based products. In 2000 Mamma Says launched its biscotti line. Designed by a team of chefs Mamma Says created the worlds first Italian Fortune Cookie. Inside each biscotti is a unique message from Mamma. By the end of 2001 Mamma Says will add new flavors to its biscotti line and start introducing other high quality products to the market.

Currently their biscotti line is used in the following trades: hotel amenity, retail, foodservice, airlines, cruise ships, coffee bars, gift baskets and restaurants. They currently have two flavors, Almond Pistachio and Chocolate Macadamia.

Mamma Says, 49 Lincoln Road, Butler, New Jersey 07405, Tel: (973) 283-4463, Fax: (973) 283-2799, Web site: www.mammasays.com

Tea & Coffee - September/October 2001


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