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Foodservice operators and roaster/retailers are constantly looking for new, better and more efficient tools for their establishment. This month’s product showcase features many different types of retail equipment available for coffee and tea products.
New Curtis Insulated Airpot Coffee Servers
The Curtis Insulated Airpot Coffee Servers feature a high-volume pump to quickly fill most coffee cups with a single stroke of the lever. Other features include a lockable lid to reduce accidental spilling during transport or display and fully-removable top and pump for easy cleaning. The Airpots fit directly below the brew cone of most commercial brewers, which allows one-step filling and Curtis offers sturdy Airpot Racks that display up to six coffee brews at once.

Wilbur Curtis Company, Inc., 9613 Acco Street, Montebello, California 90640. Tel: (323) 837-2300, Fax: (323) 837-2401, E-mail: info@wilburcurtis.com, Web Site: www.wilburcurtis.com.

New Orleans Coffee Company Wins Innovation Award for Coffee Products
The New Orleans Coffee Company recently received an Innovator of the Year award for its use of a patented cold-drip process that produces a liquid concentrate gourmet coffee. Called Cool Brew, coffee drinkers can now pour some concentrate into a mug and add hot water for a cup that tastes fresh brewed.

"My goal was to create a great tasting, fresh cup of coffee that could be prepared in an instant without any bitterness," said Phil McCrory. "Our signature ingredient, 'chicory' gives the coffee a New Orleans regional flavor. It's our version of "BAM" without the bite," he said.

Until now, CoolBrew and the company's iced coffee product called Café Au Lait have been exclusive to Louisiana residents. Soon sections of the U.S. will see the products on supermarket shelves. What can't be found on the shelf can be ordered online at the CoolBrew.com web site.

New Orleans Coffee Co., Inc., P.O. Box 51354, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70151, Tel: (504) 488-2665, Fax: (504) 488-2685, E-mail: BrewMaster@CoolBrew.com, Web site: www.CoolBrew.com.

Danisco’s Seasonal Coffee Flavors
Danisco, a supplier of flavors to the coffee industry, is brewing up a new concept: Danisco Seasonal Coffee Flavors. Each season, Danisco will introduce a new line of flavors, specifically designed to match the mood of the season. The seasonal flavors campaign was developed to create partnerships with roasters to help build their business by appealing to the ever-changing demands of flavored coffee drinkers. These flavors provide roasters a way to "test market" new concepts before permanently adding them to their arsenal of offerings.

"Basically, when developing new flavors we look at it from several angles. In addition to brainstorming and screening hundreds of flavor ideas, we perform stringent analysis of our flavors, as well as those of our competitors to ensure that Danisco's flavors maintain their superiority in taste, quality and stability," said Lisa Taake, applications manager, Danisco. The flavors are judged based upon eye appeal, aroma, no calories, heat stability, packaging compatibility and shelf-life among other things.

Danisco Cultor USA, Inc. 201 New Century Parkway, P.O. Box 26, New Century, Kansas 66031-0026. Tel: (913) 764-8100, Fax: (913) 764-5407.

Tea & Coffee - September/October 2002
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